ESL Jobs in Taiwan

(Pictured: Taipei National Theatre by Helmut Artmeier)

ESL Jobs in Taiwan

by Lyanne Thomas

A culturally rich environment, Taiwan is known to be a dynamic nation where English teaching can be lucrative. For ESL jobs, Taiwanese monthly salaries can range from 60,000 TWD that's approximately 2,000 USD with 22-25 teaching hours per week.

(Photo: Downtown Kaohsiung City,, Taiwan)

Foreign teachers usually work at chain English schools and for additional income many teachers also do private tutoring.

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Working in Xiamen , relax working environment  Not rated yet
* Qualifications - Native English speaker - Hold a valid citizenship/passport from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand - Hold a minimum …

English Teachers Needed in Taiwan Not rated yet
Teach Children in Taiwan Elementary English teachers required 12-month full-time teaching position Universe-American Language School is searching …

Teaching full time in Changhua city Not rated yet
Teaching full time in Changhua city of Taiwan hours between 2-9pm on 5 weekdays about 550-650 ntd per hour and like 20-25 hours a week and we give work …

English Teachers for Kaohsiung City Public Elementary School Not rated yet
Salary: NT$60,890 to NT$63,600 per month Housing Allowance: NT5,000 per month End of contract Performance bonus : One month salary Airfare reimbursement: …

English Teachers for Hsinchu County Public Schools  Not rated yet
Salary: NT$70,895(PhD), NT$67,925(MA), NT$60,890(BA) per month. Evaluation and Performance bonus : one month of salary as bonus. Airfare Reimbursement …

English Teachers for Taichung Public Schools Not rated yet
Salary: NT$62,717 per month Evaluation and Performance bonus : NT$54,878 Airfare Reimbursement Rent Allowance : NT$5,000/month for a single teacher, …

English Teachers for Taoyuan City Private Elementary/ Junior High School Not rated yet
Salary: NT$60,000 per month Performance Bonus: NT$3,000 per month Housing Allowance: NT3,000 per month Attendance bonus: NT 2,000 per month Paid winter …

English Teachers for Keelung City Private Elementary/ Junior High School Not rated yet
Salary: NT$60,000 to NT$64,000 per month The school will provide free housing Performance bonus: NT$ 64,000 Attendance bonus: NT$ 1,000 per month …

English Teachers for Hsinchu City Private Girls Junior High School Not rated yet
Salary: NT$60,000 per month Housing subsidy: NT$5000 every month Performance bonus: NT$3,000 per month Attendance bonus NT$2,000 per month Paid winter …

Kaohsiung, Taiwan - English Teachers Wanted Not rated yet
Kaohsiung, Taiwan - English Teachers Wanted Teacher wanted in south Taiwan- Kaohsiung! We are looking for two teachers to fill the following positions …

Asian Consultants International requires English Teachers Not rated yet
Asian Consultants International requires English Teachers Taipei Yonghe: Morning positions 38000NT per month, call ACI for details *Good Job Opportunity* …

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Most of the ESL jobs in Taiwan offer some benefits like one way or roundtrip fare, accommodations and some paid vacations. An English teacher working in Taiwan can save a good amount of money since the cost of living is low.Renting a place to stay in some of the biggest cities in Taiwan like Taipei and Kaohsiung would only cost 150USD for rooms and around 300 to 400USD for a 2-3 bedroom apartment.

Someone with good English skills, both written and spoken and with a university degree can work as an English teacher in Taiwan. A TEFL certificate can also be very helpful, although not required. For interested teachers, an actual copy of your university diploma is needed.

English teaching jobs are plentiful in Taiwan. For someone with an M.A or Ph.D degree teaching in the universities can be a very good opportunity.

For a licensed teacher, certified to teach at home plenty of teaching positions are available in the international schools in Taiwan.

Cram schools or chain English schools are usually hunting for English teachers who can teach in the afternoon and in the evening. For online job hunting here are some sites that may prove beneficial:

(Pictured: Jinmen Village in Taiwan)

Teach English in Taiwan

Jobs in Taiwan at Dave`s ESL Cafe

Tealit has a list of Jobs in Taiwan

Career Jet has teaching positions listed for Taiwan

My trip to Taiwan & My friend Colin

I went to Taipei and met up with my Japanese friend. Her father was a "big wig," with Sony in Taiwan and my friend, her mother and their driver took me all over Taipei. I was only there for two days but I saw a lot! It is an amazing, and vibrant city.

I ate at a very interesting Chinese restaurant. Loved the food! It is a city that never sleeps! I felt very safe there, and I have heard from friends that Taiwan is a great country to teach English in.

My friend Colin studied Chinese, taught English and somehow ended up on Taiwan national television playing guitar and singing. Colin I love ya! But how did you ever get on TV playing guitar and singing?! Colin became an overnight celebrity with marriage proposals from all over Taiwan. Heeventually went on to China for more study.

Kevin Burns

(Pictured: a heavenly beach in Taiwan by Helmut Artmeier)

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