ESL Jobs Thailand

ESL Jobs Thailand abound, as there is a shortage of English teachers in both Thailand and throughout Asia, there is a great demand for native English speaking EFL teachers in Thailand. If you have a dream of teaching English in Thailand, and even overseas, you can study TEFL in Thailand, and enjoy various innovative courses that are worth joining.

by Warren Myers

The courses offered here are internationally recognized and thus offer international job prospects for all TEFL graduates. As all the TEFL Thailand schools are licensed by the Thai Ministry of education, you are assured that all the courses offered in TEFL are approved courses. Moreover they are about the same length and have the same components as the other programs set forth by the Thai Ministry of education.

TEFL in Thailand concentrates on student experience while you pursue your program. You get to practice teaching actual students in the second week of the course! This is because TEFL in Thailand believes that the best way to learn is to do and this is why the institute offers more practice-teaching and opportunities than any other program in Thailand.

Job security for life

Once you enroll in TEFL Thailand, and are an alumnus of the institution, you have lifetime access to the institute’s ‘Jobs for Life’ jobs board. This job board provides the latest information on jobs offered by employers throughout Asia. This resource is not only invaluable to those looking for their first job, but also for the rest of your TEFL career.

You can always teach in Thailand itself after completing your TEFL course. Phuket in Thailand is a beautiful location to teach with its tropical paradise-beaches, international cuisine and Thai culture.

On your free days, you will love spending time sun bathing on the extensive beaches here and eat fresh fruits and local cuisine. The beaches are also a great destination for some full-moon evening fun.

The choice of accommodation here is varied; so you are sure to find something that suits your taste and budget. There are private rooms, hillside bungalows and luxury beach resorts to choose from. Be sure to visit TEFL in Thailand`s Homepage.

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