ESL Listening Exercises

ESL Listening Exercises, using movies to improve your English listening ability.

Advising students to go and watch movies, or even better, rent DVDs, is a great idea. Not only will they learn more about other cultures, and English speaking countries in general, but they can improve their listening.

But why do so many Japanese complain that they watch movies but their listening doesn`t improve?

I ask them: Do you read the sub-titles?

They always answer: Yes.

Then I explain that by reading the subtitles they are getting very good at reading Japanese subtitles, but they are not improving their listening. Then I explain that they need to watch the movie in English with no subtitles.

Here is some more advice I give them:

-Have a dictionary nearby before watching the DVD.

Choose a TV show or movie that you think you will enjoy watching. This kind of study should be fun!

-Watch one scene of the movie at at time.

-Watch the scene in English with no subtitles.

-Watch the scene again and write down a summary of the scene.

-Now watch the scene with Japanese subtitles.

-Now watch the scene with English subtitles and write down any words you do not know.

You can pause the scene whenever you come to new vocabulary. Then look it up in your dictionary.

Watch the movie or TV show you like for only 20 minutes per time. As you will not get bored. And 20 minutes per day will add up to a lot of study over time!

Japanese are often surprised that they cannot understand English. One reason is that they watch movies with Japanese subtitles.

If Japanese can slowly, little by little, watch a movie or TV show with no subtitles, their listening will improve, then they will understand non-Japanese when they travel abroad or watch a movie.

If you try, you will be able to watch a movie in English with no subtitles! Gambatte ne! Good Luck!

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