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The MAT Method

ESL Methodologies, Introducing the MAT Method

The MAT Method stands for: Model, Action, Talk. It is said tobe easy to learn and easy to teach.

I think MAT is suitable for large classes and some of the activities will be suitable for small classes provided the activities are well chosen and geared well towards your particular students.

MAT is supposed to aid in keeping students focused on the lesson and involved. It keeps the class active and fun. Ritsuko Nakata a MAT trainer and English teacher feels "...if you are having fun the students will too."

Some of the goals of MAT include:

-The students talk 80% of the time

-Leads students to talking by themselves

-MAT can be used in any class size

(however personally I feel it is best suited to large classes.)

*Some students at English schools of a certain age may rebel against the MAT method, feeling it is "not cool," to act out the gestures MAT asks of you.

6 Second Drill Games

One of the highlights of MAT are the 6 second drill games, which can be a lot of fun!

MAT`s 3 Steps

1. Vocabulary Teach it by having students repeat many times.

2. Sentence Use this vocabulary in a sentence.

3. Question Have half the class ask a question and the other half answer. Then change.

Ritsuko Nakata had pre-made cards for her MAT sentences about the weather:

How `s the weather today?

Say it three times!

It was sunny on Saturday.

She used gestures for each question pointing outside while asking, "how`s the weather today?"

And for each answer there is a different gesture. ie) for: "It`s cloudy." You make a gesture indicating the outline of a cloud etc.

It is an interesting method. I think it is ideal for pre-school and young elementary school children aged 6-8 as long as they are interested in it.

I could see some children rebelling against this method.

But I do want to give it a try!

Watch Ritsuko Nakata explain and demonstrate the MAT method.

Read More about Ritsuko Nakata

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