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Beckham`s Top 10 List of ESL Websites

ESL Project - Some great ESL Websites I recommend for English Teachers & Students

by Cheema Beckham

The Internet has played the most significant part in converting the World into a Global village. The importance of learning new languages has never been as vital as it is today. You must learn various languages if you want to successfully interact with friends and businessmen from different parts of the World; however if you want to easily interact with everyone else then you must learn English.

English is the one language which is most widely spoken and understood around the planet. Even Chinese and Japanese have undertaken an ESL project of their own and learned the importance of learning English and today most of them are learning English as a secondary language (ESL). In this article I shall be reviewing some great ESL websites I recommend for English teachers and students in Japan or in any other country.

Following are the recommended ESL Project websites in order of seniority:-

10. English Learner

English Learner is one of the most elaborate sites for learning and teaching ESL. It contains many interesting ESL quizzes, dictionaries, grammar worksheets and vocabulary exercises. It is ranked #10 on my top ten list for ESL websites.

9. Better English

Better English is an awesome resource of endless English lessons, examinations, tips and ESL secrets. You can even subscribe to get free English lessons via email.

8. ESL.About.Com

ESL.About.Com is primarily written by an guide, Kenneth Beare, and contains countless articles for both ESL teachers and students. It also offers the latest tips and techniques to teach ESL and helps with various English comprehension tests. Aboutalso has a review of How to teach English in

7. ESL Party Land

ESL Party Land is a fun and colorful web land where teachers and students can find many interesting ESL lessons, quizzes and games. If you are an ESL teacher then you can also discover ESL lesson plans and other teaching materials.

6. Many Things.Org

Many is a fantastic web site with hundreds of Free ESL exercises and resources for intermediate and advanced English learners. It contains many word games, ESL quizzes, puzzles, slang, etc.

5. English Page

English Page Free activities and exercises to help you through the journey of learning and teaching English are featured on this website.

4. ESL Lab

ESL Lab English listening skills are given due attention on this website. It is basically a Cyber listening lab with a number of self-grading listening quizzes.

3. English Club

English Club is one of the most useful and famous websites for ESL teachers and learners. You can conveniently study: ESL pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, play ESL games, or do quizzes. In order to improve your language skills, you can also find pen-friends and pen-pals from different countries.

2. ESL Café

ESL Café is a magnificent resource for ESL students and teachers, which offers various interactive quizzes, games, & worksheets. It is a one-stop solution for all your ESL questions, queries, searches, ideas and writing.

1. Activities for ESL is my Top Pick of ESL websites, for “Activities for ESL." It is organized by The Internet TESL Journal. It features endless tests, puzzles, games, grammar and vocabulary quizzes. The members of the website include thousands of ESL teachers forming one grand community for ESL teaching.

So here is the Top 10 list of some great ESL Websites I recommend for English Teachers & Students. I am sure that you will benefit from this list and it will help you in enhancing your ESL teaching or learning experience.

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