ESL Puzzles

ESL Puzzles I Recommend

by Cheema Beckham

“Reality is a puzzle revealing it one portion at a time, always where the deepest shroud falls. Wanting to piece the clues together, you are only losing yourself in the maze.”

- Anonymous

The above quote holds valid for the outcome of our day to day life problems as well. When you try to figure out a difficult puzzle, in fact you are giving in to that puzzle and the puzzle becomes part of your life. For example, when we solve a Sudoku puzzle, the numbers continue to circle about our minds even when we are away from the puzzle.

English puzzles for students are not just puzzles but they can be utilized as a very efficient tool to sharpen the minds of the students. These puzzle activities go a long way in developing the interest to study and the urge to learn more in children, as well as adults. These puzzles can be used to inculcate the diverse abilities of the students and especially the abilities of concentration and inquisitiveness.

Puzzles have a lot of advantages and can prove to be an immense source of fun at the same time. They are helpful in improving curious aspects of the English language like:

vocabulary, grammar and parts of speech.

A selection of good words can be taught by use of them. You can easily find a large number of them especially designed to teach the literary aspects of the language.

The below mentioned websites can provide excellent resources of puzzles I recommend for your pupils:-

1. ESL Puzzles. “ESL Puzzles” is a website dedicated exclusively to ESL puzzles and classroom games. Various types of puzzles are available on the website that can prove to be an immensely valuable resource for the ESL teachers. You can even print these puzzles for use in the class room, if you do not have access to computers there. This is one of the best sites hosting ESL puzzles that I recommend for every ESL teacher.

2. ESL Galaxy. It hosts a large number of different and innovative puzzles. The site specializes in crossword puzzles which are easily printable and specially designed to teach diverse topics. You can also find other items of interest for your students, like ESL worksheets, board games, speaking activities and music activities.

3. English for Kids. “English 4 Kids” is another brilliant resource for ESL learners of all skill levels featuring puzzles, English language exercises, math exercises and PowerPoint game templates. My favorite feature on the website is a large collection of Word Search Puzzles.

4. EL Civics. A large assortment of ESL puzzles I recommend is available on this beautiful website, which has the potential to prove very useful for ESL teachers and students alike.

5. A 4 ESL. “A 4 ESL” has over 1000 activities for students. Puzzles for all age groups can be found conveniently here.The puzzles I recommend are useful in building the vocabulary, improving grammar and all other aspects of English language. I am sure that this list will help you in finding the puzzles for your specific needs easily.

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