ESL Resources for Teachers

Some Good ESL Resources for Teachers

by Aarti Thomas

(Pictured, the Apples to Apples Game, some teachers have found it beneficial in their classrooms)

ESL teachers face the daunting task of teaching English to students whose mother language is not English. This can be very difficult as not only do the teachers need skill and patience to teach ESL kids and adults, they have to spend lots of time and effort preparing lessons.

Teachers have to look for lesson material that will not only motivate their students, but should also be interesting enough to keep the students interested throughout their lesson. On an average, ESL teachers have to spend about 2 hours everyday preparing for their lessons.

This is why English language teachers are always looking for some good ESL resources. The internet is obviously the best place to look for new and good resources; but to save time; you should know the right places to look. Most of the good sites are run by ESL teachers themselves who want to help out their fellow teachers.

1. Breaking News English is a site that uses the day’s current affairs to teach English. This is effective as everyone has their own opinions on current affairs, and thus there is definitely something for someone in the 1000+ news reports offered here.

2. ESL Café is a popular site that has an Asian angle to it. It not only has dedicated job boards and forums for Korea and China, but also links for students, lesson plans, teacher forums and provision for applying to a new job if you want to change jobs.

3. One Stop English offers lots of lesson plans made by other teachers which you can download. This includes monthly news lessons, games, activities and grammar and vocabulary.

4. Inside Out offers free lesson plans which you can download or use for ideas. While some lessons may be a bit dry, just take a look around as you will definitely find something worthwhile in it.

5. Esl Partyland provides great conversational lessons ideas that will definitely make students start talking non-stop. The site also offers grammar lessons you could use.

6. offers free online resources fore both teachers and students. These resources include articles and stories in simplified English, thematic crosswords and other word games, a thorough explanation of the English language, syntax and grammar and also have a newsmagazine to keep students and teachers abreast of the current affairs in English speaking countries.

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