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Stay in a Canadian House in the Countryside of Japan!

Our house was built in Cloverdale, British Columbia, then came by ship to Yokohama and was built in Minamiashigarashi.

Minamiashigara boasts a great hot springs called Only Yu, one of the most beautiful and biggest temples in Japan, Saijoji, and the best water you can drink here. It is so good, that they brew Asahi beer, and make Fuji film.

Plus we are close to many great places, among them: Odawara Castle, Izu Penninsula and Hakone. Come and visit eh!

Romantic Fuji Views near Hot Spring

Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Perfect romantic spot for couples. Our dream home! Stay in a Canadian house! 2 single beds. Much of the furniture and lights were imported. The house itself was made in Canada, then imported and bu...

ESL Schools Toronto - have you ever thought of teaching or studying English in Canada`s largest city? Toronto is an amazing place, full of energy and truly one of the world`s amazing cities. From Toronto, Ottawa, Canada`s capital is not so far away. You can even take a trip into Quebec, the French part of Canada.

by A. Khalid

English is an international language and now-a-days it has become imperative that one should learn English if one wants to succeed and excel in any career. Canada is one of the best places to learn English, with a large number of English schools and if you ask for the best place in Canada to learn English, I would surely say Toronto.

Toronto is the biggest city of Canada with a population of 3,893,046, which makes Toronto a great place to learn English in Canada. Here is a list of good ESL schools that you can find to teach for or study at in Toronto.

International House-SOL Group of Schools

International House is one of the biggest networks of TESOL services all over the world with their head office in Toronto. They offer courses to the new learners and job security to the TESOL professionals. IH Toronto is located at 469 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario. You can visit their Website


Hansa is another famous school located in Toronto. Hansa was founded in 1969 and since then it has maintained and improved the school service. Along with English, the school also provides courses for other foreign languages such as Chinese and French. They offer courses for the students as well as for the teachers. Hansa Official Website

Access International language Centre

It is also one of the best ESL schools, you can find in Toronto. Their teaching methodology is different from other schools; they put only eight students in one class and focus on every student to the best. For the students that come from some other city or other country, they offer dormitories and apartments; their slogan is home away from home. Access English

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