ESL Songs

(ESL Songs: Moanin` Mike Littlewood performs live at Spats in Odawara, Kanagawa)

Littlewood is a professional musician, a guitar teacher and an English teacher in Japan.

Songs bring joy to your classroom. Whether they are simply pop songs that your students enjoy and you have them do a listening/close activity (fill in the blank with the missing song lyric) or songs specifically for ESL, they both bring smiles to the faces of your students.

by Kevin R Burns

Some students like to sing. Others simply enjoy listening to them. I have been taking guitar lessons again with a very good teacher named

Michael Littlewood (his video above) in Odawara. My goal is to play songs in the classroom, and increase the student`s listening comprehension. But perhaps more importantly, have fun with my students. They have been through so much drudgery and boring study, that I feel it is very important to have fun classes. Some teachers manage to make even ESL boring! I find it hard to believe too! In their defence, they are often told how and what to teach, so do not have much choice of their curriculum and how it is taught.

Comedian turns into Funny English Teacher

I studied Theatre and comedy writing and performing in Vancouver. I also studied improvisational theatre (Theatre Sports).

In my late 20s, I started the forerunner of the Tokyo Comedy Store (Tokyo Comedy Club), and I performed at Yuk Yuk`s and Punchlines and UBC in Canada many times. My act was stand up coupled with comedy songs. I have since used that same skill to write songs that students find funny. If you are a natural comedian (can make your friends laugh when they are not inebriated), you too can write funny ESL songs!

If you are funny and play an instrument or would like to learn one. Once you get good enough, I encourage you to take it into the classroom and "wow" your students.

Believe it or not, there are teachers who are highly skilled musicians, who never play their instrument for their students.

I ask: If your goal is to be the best teacher you can be, and bring out all the stops (all your skills), why would you not use your musical skill for teaching ESL?

How Do Good ESL Songs for Kids Help Teachers?

by Cheema Beckham

“If there were no schools to take the children away from home part of the time, the insane asylums would be filled with mothers.”

- Edgar W. Howe

Children definitely give a very tough time to their parents, especially mothers. Being a father myself, I know how tough it is to teach them once they are in a mood to play; and unfortunately they are in a playing mood most of the time.

When it comes to teaching English as a Secondary Language (ESL) to kids, the story is no different; however I have found an easy solution for this. Some good songs for kids always come handy in keeping them focused towards learning while enjoying and amusing them.

Good songs for kids vary from basic nursery rhymes to somewhat advanced songs, and can keep your kids occupied, irrespective of their ages. Although there are some CDs available for teaching these songs and you can buy them for a few dollars.

At the same time, you can find hundreds of different free ESL ditties for kids on the internet. Various ESL websites offer a variety of songs and rhymes for kids.

These songs are primarily aimed at improving the comprehension and vocabulary for young lads, but at the same time they enhance other linguistic skills. Young children can only start learning by repeating the words again and again.

These songs play a vital role in helping them achieve this and still making this repetition fun. By hearing and singing them over and over, they engage in vocabulary acquisition, language learning and comprehension enrichment.

Most of the time, these songs are also augmented with ESL flash cards, work sheets, and classroom games to compliment the learning module. Together these teaching aids help the ESL teachers in their profession and make things easier for them.

You can find different and worthwhile lists of ESL kids songs on the websites mentioned below:-


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Super Simple Songs - Teaching ESL to Children

The best thing about these songs is that they have very interesting and strong melodies. You will see your kids singing these songs throughout the day and learn new words in the process.

One of the dilemmas with ESL songs is that some of them have too much vocabulary and language for basic ESL learners. This crisis exists, because these songs were primarily conceived for native learners. Thus while teaching these songs to the children, it must be kept in mind, and the most basic songs should be taught first.

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