ESL Speaking

ESL Speaking - There is going to be more immigration to Japan over the next 100 years

Many of these immigrants will be good to fluent English speakers.

There will be opportunities for Japanese individuals and companies in Japan that can help these newcomers

Immigrants need the same services as everyone else, but Japanese who can help bridge the language barrier between immigrants and Japanese society will benefit from immigration.

Indeed Immigrants need:

.gainful employment - services which help immigrants will prosper.

. settling in Japan - find an apartment, bilingual real estate agents will prosper.

. buying needed goods and services - food from home, media etc.

. Setting up companies - Japanese consultants

. and other services necessary for immigrants

- for people who cannot read the three alphabets that are required to navigate written Japanese. Japanese schools, translators, and bilingual employees will benefit from immigration.

Japanese companies who study the Canadian and American experience of welcoming immigrants and the businesses who served these newcomers, will prosper from this.

ESL Discussions - Immigrants can create employment:

(Japan should think about special priviledges for immigrants wanting to move to Japan to set up a company and employ at least one Japanese or more).

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