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Would you like to Rent a Canadian House near Izu and Hakone?

Romantic Fuji Views Whole House

Minamiashigara-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
My place is close to family-friendly activities and public transport. You’ll love my place because of the coziness, the high ceilings,all the beautiful wood. My place is good for couples and big gr...

Need a Cheap Place to Stay near Hakone?

Merry Lue Guest House

Minamiashigara shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Located near the Kari River, across the street from a supermarket, and 3 minutes walk from Iiwahara Station (Daiyuzan Line). It is near a pleasant river walk with nearby rice fields and Iiwahara Pa...
Short Term Rentals in Minamiashigara shi

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Vocabulary Flashcards

Vocabulary Flashcards, help in teaching vocabulary in Japan.

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Yokohama, The sights of Yokohama, Kanagawa

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Japan and her Standardized Test Based Education System

For some positives in Japanese education, one need look no further than the local kindergarten or elementary school. For most subjects, they are doing

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Travel and Teach in China- Earn £900 -£1,700/month, no experience necessary

Good Teachers Union are looking for passionate individuals to join our schools across China. We have over 8 years experience placing teachers in their

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Board Games

Board Games Using board games in the classroom is a fun and engaging way of reviewing or practising language communicatively. There are many board games

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Craft Children, especially very young children, are physical, tactile and use all their senses to experience the world around them. They need a variety

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EFL Books

EFL Books: Read or add your review of EFL textbooks.

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Heart English School

Also known as Heart Corporation. Since this is my first company I worked for ever since I got here to Japan and reading up and hearing upon so many bad

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His Stomach is Growling

I love Mexican, but it really doesn`t suit me!

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Cleaning Staff Required for Kevin's English School and Guest Houses

Cleaning Staff required 掃除スタッフKevin Guest House/English School - 神奈川県 小田原市 時給 1,200円 雇用形態:アルバイト・パート この求人にスマホで応募 Guest House/English School

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Training Center in China looking for full-time Native English teacher,supply Z visa+ Health Insurance,No experience necessary.

THE OPPORTUNITY GTU is currently seeking English teachers for our jobs in China to teach at our Kids & Teens or Adult schools. Join our academic team

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Seiha not abiding by Labour Laws?

Seiha not abiding by labour laws? My friend worked for Seiha English School. At first he signed a permanent full-time contract. This was all done legally

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ESL News: News about teaching English in Japan.

ESL News: The News on ELT teaching in Japan.

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Unique English School Opens in Minokamo, Gunma

Unique English School Opens in Minokamo, Gunma Nathan Raymond writes: Hello, I an English conversation school teacher, and I just opened my school

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ESL Dialogues

ESL Dialogues, An Opinion I think in a way it is a shame that in our profession we do not have more respect for the experience of teachers. Our impressions do matter. Just because the

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ESL Conversation

ESL Conversation, how to teach it, where to get jobs, and more about ESL Japan.

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ESL Discussions

ESL Discussions, thoughts on Yukio Tsuda and English Study in Japan Yukio Tsuda is a professor at the University of Tsukuba. He earned a doctorate in speech communication at Sou

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Entertainment in Japan: What to do in Japan

Entertainment in Japan, The National Film Board of Canada, While living in Japan and being surrounded by all things in Japanese you need a break. Sometimes you simply want to watch a good movie i

Continue reading "Entertainment in Japan: What to do in Japan"

Teaching Children Some faqs

Teaching Children Some faqs, Teaching children can be a challenging prospect, especially to those who are new to teaching. But don’t worry! Below are some FAQs about teaching English to young children

Continue reading "Teaching Children Some faqs"

Jobs in Japan: teaching jobs in Japan for Americans

Jobs in Japan, teaching jobs in Japan for Americans-- a page about how to get jobs on the spot.

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Jobs in Tokyo

Jobs in Tokyo: Teaching at an English school versus teaching at a university.

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ESL Printable Worksheets

ESL Printable Worksheets prove to be an asset for an ESL teacher. These worksheets often provide the best platform for inculcating the concepts of various aspects of the English language. After teachi

Continue reading "ESL Printable Worksheets"

ESL Japan

ESL Japan, what I have learned in my 20 plus years of teaching here. I see that there are four major troublesome areas for educators here. First of all, I believe that many of us have developed an ov

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ESL Book Reviews

ESL Book Reviews, Rave or Rant, Share with Others This page is your chance to rant or rave about some software you bought to help your students learn English, a professional development book you hav

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English Teacher Jobs in Japan

English Teacher Jobs in Japan: lesson plans, TEFL resources and articles about teaching. Plus best and worst experiences teaching in Japan.

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English Speaking Lesson

English Speaking Lesson: some of our worst experiences.

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English School Japan

English school Japan: a list of good schools to teach for. If you want to teach in Japan, be sure to check all of our lists of English schools. Teaching English in Japan

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Hakone Guide

Hakone, a Guide to the sights and what to do in this beautiful volcanic area of mountains, vistas, and hot springs.

Continue reading "Hakone Guide"

Mixed Ability Young Learner Classes

Mixed Ability Young Learner Classes From time to time in any teaching situation you will come across mixed-ability classes. People learn at different

Continue reading "Mixed Ability Young Learner Classes "

Adult ESL Lessons

Adult ESL Lessons, should be taught by mature teachers in Japan Would you like to learn about American history from a twenty year old? If not, why not? Or would you rather study with someone

Continue reading "Adult ESL Lessons"

English Language Teaching Japan

English Language Teaching Japan --who should not teach here? Teaching English at a language school can be a very good experience if you are the right kind of person for the job. The bright, energetic

Continue reading "English Language Teaching Japan"

English Grammar Exercises

English Grammar Exercises, What is grammar? Grammar is simply the rules or system of a language. The sub-parts of grammar include things like: syntax, phonetics,morphology and semantics. English t

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English Grammar Book

English Grammar Book, Good grammar books A good grammar book is a must have not only for students but for teachers as well. There are numerous grammar books on the market, it is therefore important

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Eikaiwa School

Eikaiwa school, There was not one institution that would cause me to rant about how terrible English schools in Japan are. In fact, overall ECC was pretty good. Was I just lucky? I don`t think

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EFL Teacher

EFL Teacher: How to be an effective EFL Teacher

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English teachers required in Nihama, Ehime Prefecture

Imabari and Nihama, Ehime ken, Japan. Looking for part or full time English teachers during December only. If you are interested in the position, please

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English Teaching in Japan Universities

About English teaching in Japan universities, "Many of these places (universities) have overtly discriminatory hiring practices towards their full-time (joukin) educators/staff on the basis of extran

Continue reading "English Teaching in Japan Universities"

ESL Schools Toronto

ESL Schools Toronto, have you ever thought of teaching or studying English in Canada`s largest city? Toronto is an amazing place, full of energy and truly one of the world`s amazing cities.

Continue reading "ESL Schools Toronto"

English Conversation Club

English Conversation Club experiences teaching in Nagoya. At 6AM Enka music that would wake all the dead in a Stephen King novel, rang out from the old, tinny Nagoya youth hostel speakers. Apparentl

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JET Program

Jet Program is increasingly looking like it will be a thing of the present and future with announcements by the Japanese government. It is an official Japanese government program that some suggest

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ECC : a large chain of English schools throughout Japan.

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Driving in Japan

Driving in Japan: humor about driving in Japan. Anyone can follow the rules, but Japanese Drivers Make Their Own Rules! Stop signs back home mean stop, Stop signs in Japan are Optional! Red lights,

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Common ESL Idioms

Common ESL Idioms, Some Common ESL Idioms (Common Idioms in English) Idioms are one of the most strange yet most interesting parts for students while learning English as a secondary language. The wo

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Comedy: about life in Japan, Kevin R. Burns just became a member of Facebook to find out what the fuss was all about, then enact his dastardly plan! He will glean what he can to start a rival social

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Preschool teacher's position

Kanagawa-ken Sagamihara-shi Minami-ku Araisono We are looking for the Native English preschool teacher who can work at 10am to 2pm. The school located

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12,000-18,000RMB,Flight allowance pay for English Teacher,no experience necessary!

About the Job / School We are looking for 1st time teachers to teach young learners in Beijing and Shanghai. Our school now has over over 200 branches

Continue reading "12,000-18,000RMB,Flight allowance pay for English Teacher,no experience necessary!"

English Teacher

We are looking for an enthusiastic kindergarten teacher to foster and facilitate the intellectual and social development of the children. You will plan,

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ESL Activities Children

ESL Activities Children, When you teach in Japan, the bigger your repertoire of activies you know, the better. This of course comes from experience, reading, and attending workshops and seminars. See

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Teach Children English

Teach children English, Catherine Cheetham talks about teaching in Japan and her life here.

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