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Free ESL Teaching Resources - To teach in Japan you need great resources. Teaching English in Japan can be made even better by these materials, and fortunately for you many of them are free! You just need a computer printer and you are "good to go!"

ESL Flashcards

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William Osler, a Canadian Physician said,

“Observe, record, tabulate, communicate. Use your five senses ….. Learn to see, learn to hear, learn to feel, learn to smell, and know that by practice alone you can become expert”.

According to scientists and doctors, eyes are one of the basic and major sources of learning. The majority of things that a child learns are by watching and observing. Just imagine that if your parents had told you about an ostrich and you had never actually seen one or even a photo, - what picture can you make in your mind by hearing that it is an 8-10 foot tall bird with small wings and a long neck? See the Best Sources for ESL Flashcards.

Educational Resources

Some of our recommended resources.

More ESL Teaching Resources are available at Using English

English Language Teacher Resources -

Looking for Halloween Party Ideas?

Visit our Halloween Party page to get some great ideas for party activities for your English class party. You may be afraid, very, very afraid!!!

ESL Teaching Resources: What is red?

by David Lisgo is a series of materials which is aimed at narrowing the gap between speaking and reading. David Lisgo talks about pre-reading, and teaching reading in Japan, along with describing: What is red?

Pictured: One of the Kevin`s English Schools in Kanagawa

At the Foreign Languages Guide,you can discover how to organize the learning process, develop language skills, build vocabulary, teach yourself languages, and more.

You can get many free ESL resources on the internet not only from our site, but from the following sites:

ESL Teacher Handouts -
Free English grammar worksheets and printable handouts, for English language and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and instructors.

Worksheet Library
Has many worksheets and free ESL resources that you and your students will enjoy.

MES English
Has more teaching resources to help you teach in Japan!

ESL Kids
Caters mostly to children.

ESL Kingdom
When Teaching English in Japan, Be a King for the day.

Download ESL
Like the name says, download materials!

English Media Lab
Let our lab help you and your students.

ESL Tower
Many materials for your classes.

English 4 Kids

Like the name says! We will help you Teach English in Japan.

ESL Galaxy

A whole galaxy of teaching materials for you and your students!

Genki English
Many free resources by a dedicated teacher in Japan.


Has a lot of great resources for teaching children.

More great resources for teaching children English

Resources for your classes ie) Halloween actities and more

ESL Teaching Resources:

"Bringing Learning to Life"

Is a great site with a lot for teachers. But what caught my eye was all the resources they have, and some of them are great for ESL/EFL classes. Plus they are free! Get some free ESL resources

Free Classroom Materials from the Smithsonian Institution

The Smithsonian and Target stores have collaborated to put together some educational materials suitable for different age groups. These often highlight the heritage of a different minority group in America. Some would be suitable for intermediate or advanced students in Japan. Might be a nice change of pace for a reading and writing, university class or a high level English class. See the Smithsonian`s Classroom Materials

Some great pay sites for resources include:

Kurt Shreibner`s EFL 4U
Has free samples, and a lot of great materials that you must buy but I have used them myself and recommend them!

Also see our Education page for more helpful links

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