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Whether it is called EFL teaching, ESL or TESOL, it doesn`t really matter. Boy we love our acronyms in the English teaching profession or dare I say, (the ELT profession).

Indeed there are many kinds of teaching you can do in Japan.

Whether you call it TESL or TEFL, though the context and the countries in which you do it differ (the former being an English speaking country) and the latter a country which is not, the activities we do in the classroom are the same for the most part.

A-Z has concise and complete English Grammar education resources including a free printable grammar definitions ebook with the definitions in "learning order". They have great charts for diagramming sentences, too! See the left nav for the English parts of speech.

Teach in Japan - Methods in Teaching English

Of course there are many methods for teaching English. Read about some of them at the following link. ESL Teaching: methods of teaching English. Some people prefer to teach children, others business people, others like the experience of working at an English school (large or small) while others prefer teaching on the JET program still others prefer to teach at universities. There are so many kinds of teaching situations, it is difficult to mention them all.

Teaching English in Japan at English Schools
I have experience teaching at various schools in Japan.

I taught at a very large chain school in Japan called ECC, a family owned school in Nagoya and a large school/women`s two year college also in Nagoya. I furthered my experience by teaching at the YMCA in Machida, Kanagawa.

Teach English in Japan - Starting English School

Finally I opened Kevin`s English Schools in 1991. I had learned enough after a year and a half to open my own school. Within 6 months we had over 125 students and I had to hire two teachers to help me teach all of the classes.

(Pictured a Japanese university student)

10 Reasons why Japanese cannot speak English after many years of study, and how using shadowing with the Speak Master product can help

Lack of Practice:

Michael Jackson was an amazing dancer! Nishikori is a fantastic tennis player! Tiger Woods was an amazing golfer! They all practiced. Michael Jackson didn`t read about dancing, he danced. Nishikori didn`t watch movies about tennis, he played, and he practiced. Tiger, didn`t translate articles about golf from French into English, he practiced too.

He played.

On Kevin`s English Schools

Things aren`t as rosy now, but we still have about 100 students at three schools in Odawara and Minamiashigara City, in Kanagawa. At Kevin`s English Schools we also teach company classes.

There is myself and a full-time teacher from America. It is a good life. Not a rich life monetarily. But if you have read and understood anything about Taoism you may realize that money is not everything. Indeed owning an English school or teaching English for a good institution is a very good life in many, many ways. I feel blessed with great colleagues and great students. Both teach me so much about life and the world.

Negativity about TEFL & ESL Teaching in Japan & Mother Theresa

According to reports, Mother Theresa once said that she would never join an anti-war protest. But if there ever was a pro-peace protest, she would be all for that. That echoes my feelings on a lot of the negativity you see on the internet in general. I am all for making teaching English in Japan, schools and universities in Japan better.

University Teaching

There are many jobs available at universities in Japan.

You need a bachelors degree or higher to teach there. They often prefer a masters degree or higher however.

There is the famous JET Program and many teachers have had great experiences teaching on that.

Teach on the Peace Boat

One thing I have promised to do is to one day teach on the Peace Boat. You get a round the world trip for free, in exchange for your skill as an English teacher.

I know of two people who have done this, one was a student and the other taught English and Spanish on the Peace Boat.

Peace Boat. They both found it to be a fantastic experience. You need to have about three months of free time however, as many of the trips take about that lone. They do from time to time have shorter trips. Currently they have three global trips and one shorter Asian trip. What a trip! If you are a people person you should teach. There is much debate about teaching on the internet and the advantages and otherwise of various kinds of teaching.

Everyone has their own bias and some have had a negative experience doing one kind of teaching or another, and that has affected how they think about various aspects of the profession.

Some love teaching children at a kindergarten, others enjoy corporate English classes at an English school, while others swear by university teaching as the only thing to do.

University teaching as opposed to teaching at an English school in Japan.

How to be an effective EFL teacher

ESL Teaching: Using English outside the classroom, how to get your students to extend their English study.

Visit beautiful Spain and get your TEFL training at the same time!

ESL Teaching:

The Eismann has taught in Japan for many years

Read his interview about teaching English as a Second language in Japan. His highs and lows and where he has taught. Eismann has a lot of advice for new teachers.

ESL Teaching of Common Idioms

When you are doing ESL Teaching of Idioms, they are some of the strangest yet most interesting parts of English for students, while learning English as a secondary language.

The word “Idiom” means “Special property” in Latin and “Special feature” in Greek. Idioms are known as the expressions, words or phrases that are unusual in the English language. They are different because of their abnormal grammar or because of their oddness in use. These idioms are used so commonly by people that they become an integral part of the language.

Many native speakers of course, don`t even realize many of them are idioms.

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