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(Pictured above, an old print from the Edo Era)

ESL Resources for Teachers

Some Good ESL Resources for Teachers

ESL teachers face the daunting task of teaching English to students whose mother language is not English. This can be very difficult as not only do the teachers need skill and patience to teach ESL kids and adults, they have to spend lots of time and effort preparing lessons.

Teachers have to look for lesson material that will not only motivate their students, but should also be interesting enough to keep the students interested throughout their lesson. On an average, ESL teachers have to spend about 2 hours everyday preparing for their lessons.

An ESL grammar worksheet is very effective in teaching students the basics of English grammar. Practice is everything as far as English grammar is concerned.

Unless your students practice grammar lessons on a regular basis, they will not be able to grasp the rules and conditions involved in it. This can be made possible by incorporating worksheets into your curriculum.

First you teach the grammar concepts, then you reinforce these with

worksheet practice activities.

Printable English Grammar Lesson

A Printable English grammar lesson is a must-have for you in order to guide your students in a practical and scientific manner.

You can teach the students grammar lessons and about grammar usage. You can also explain to them in concrete words that express the ideas perfectly.

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