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ESL Writing - The Writing Process

In order to help your students to be better writers, it is essential to first understand your students and the writing process. There is a maxim: "Writing that can be postponed, will be." It is not a great secret that the majority of students dislike writing; in fact, some hate it. Why is this so? What makes writing so unpopular?

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Speaking and listening are natural, and as such do not have to be learned. Most people know how to speak and listen in order to communicate and most individuals can read as well. On the other hand, writing is not natural and it must be learned. Generally, someone has to teach you how to write.

The Value of a Printable English Grammar Lesson

A Printable English grammar lesson is a must-have for you in order to guide your students in a practical and scientific manner.

You can teach the students grammar lessons and about grammar usage. You can also explain to them in concrete words that express the ideas perfectly.

However, understanding the lessons on part of the students is much easier when you make them use the grammar in a practical way, the way they use the language in daily life. This is the purpose that the grammar exercises serve.

They get the students out of reading grammar definitions,

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