ETJ Book Service Book SALE!

by Kevin R Burns

ETJ Book Service Book SALE! 20% Off Many Books and Materials!

David Paul is one of my heroes. He has done a ton of work to improve teaching in Japan and much of it (most of it?), as a volunteer. He also writes textbooks and sells them. He of course started ETJ, English Teachers of Japan.

The Language Teaching Professionals – ETJ Book Service now has over 20,000 books listed!

They will be taking orders by Email and there is a 20% Discount on all books, games, flash cards and any other materials published by international publishers like: Oxford, Pearson, Cengage and Macmillan and by individual ETJ members who have developed their own materials.

Also 20% off materials by Japanese publishers (MPI, Apricot and others).

If you order over 10,000 Yens worth you get free shipping.

Even if you have a small order, shipping is only 450 Yen.

There is information here

P.S. There will be a TESOL (Young Learners) certificate program starting in Kyoto this April . This is the same program that is already being run successfully in Tokyo and Nagoya. The TESOL certificate program that focuses on teaching teenagers/adults is being run just in Tokyo.

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