ETJ English Language Teaching Expos 2011

by David Paul
(Hiroshima, Japan)

ETJ English Language Teaching Expos that will be held in six cities in Japan starting on October 1st.

If you have friends who live within reach of an Expo and may be interested in attending, please let them know. They can register to attend at

Each Expo has a wide range of presentations for English teachers in all kinds of teaching situations, and there are also displays of teaching materials to browse.

The dates and the venues are as follows:

Sat/Sun Oct 1/2:
Tokyo Keizai Daigaku, Tokyo

Sun Oct 9:
Kogyo Daigaku (Naka-ku campus), Hiroshima

Sun Oct 16:
Seifu High School, Osaka

Sun Oct 30:
Tohoku Fukushi University, Sendai

Sun Nov 6:
Sugiyama University, Nagoya

Sun Dec 4:
Seinan Gakuin University, Fukuoka

Maps and presentation programs (to be added later) are at

Best wishes,

David Paul

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