First Grade Spelling Words

First grade spelling words, what first graders should know

by Lyanne Thomas

First grade is the first school year after kindergarten, and most first graders are usually 6-7 years of age. First graders are taught basic reading skills and simple writing such as writing short sentences and spelling simple words correctly. It is in first grade that kids pick up a boat-load of new words.

Knowing new words means understanding their meaning, using them in a sentence and spelling them correctly. Every first grader knows what a spelling class is, in this class they are not only taught how to use the words in a sentence but most especially on how to spell them correctly.

Though some of the words at the links on this page may be challenging for Japanese students, they are worth exposing your students to.

What are some words that your first grader should know? Just by surfing the net you will see several sites that provide first grade spelling words. Here of course we are talking about nativeEnglish speaking first graders. But we should expose Japanese students a little older than first grade to many of these words and I even teach children as young as five some of the three letter words they will need to know.

Here is a list of some websites containing spelling word lists for first graders:

1. Dolch Word List - Grade One Dolch Word List - Grade One

This site offers a list of sight words a first grader should know. Learning is made fun with some printable flashcards.

2. is great for home school children. The site contains 24 lists of spelling words that first graders should know. It also has different spelling activities to reinforce effective learning.


Learning to spell new words is never boring with a terrific site with 30 spelling lists, each with practice spelling activities. The practice spelling activities provided at this site are great tools to make learning fun and enjoyable. Parents can use the activities to teach and at the same time bond with their kids.

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