Free English Course

Free English Course: for your students!

Thankfully there is a free English course for all kinds of students studying the most popular language in the world.

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Students will be able to practice reading, writing, listening and even speaking online and for free!

If you teach English in Japan, and you want your students to improve as quickly as possible (and who doesn`t), tell your students about the free classes or courses available online.

Free English Tests
Test your English for free!

You don`t have to worry about losing your students. There is no replacement for a good teacher and face to face lessons.Certainly, studying English can be very expensive, so anytime we can give something back to our students, is a good thing! Tell your students about a free english course today.

Kevin`s English Schools offers free lessons and advice for Japanese students studying English on this page.

Q & A and English FAQ
Free English lessons and advice, explained in Japanese.

Spelling Help Online
Free spelling help and advice for adults and children, information and ideas for people with dyslexia, plus free downloadable word searches and word jumbles.

Offers free English courses for your students.The free lessons are a great supplement andcan complement the lessons you are teachingto your students either online or face to face.

I love, not only do they have a plethora of well researched articles on every topic imaginable, they list many free English courses for my students.

Has more great links for English study, and most are free!

(Pictured: Burning incense by Devanshe Chauhan)

At English Online they have many courses for beginners and up, and they are all free. Check out English online`s free English lessons.

A friend of a friend operates Elllo, which is a fantastic English listening site with over 1,000 listening activities for students that are all free. Some people really are selfless! What a labour of love it must have been. Check out Todd`s site Elllo and be sure to tell your students to practice their listening there.

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At Smart.FM--Cerego you can study English and a number of languages including Japanese. You can upload your own lessons to share with others, and not only is this one of the best English learning sites on the internet, it is free.

A friend of mine who used to work for Smart.FM introduced me to their amazing and free software. I was astounded!

Learn English for free at He also went on to say that you should use Word Engine to test yourself and maybe study with one of their reasonably priced courses, and then study with Smart.FM

He said that Word Engine`s ability to test you and tell you where you were weak in--actually what vocabulary you needed to learn, was absolutely amazing too.

He felt if Smart.FM and Word Engine were combined you`d have the perfect combination for online English study. Check out Word Engine, some courses are free and others are very reasonable. Be sure to test yourself! Find out where your English is weak!

Check out our free English lessons page

Learn English Online

Is not a very pretty site, but it has many practical English lessons for the beginner to pre-intermediate student. And yes, you guessed it, they are free. Study English for free at Learn English Online.

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