Free English Lesson Online

Getting a free English lesson online is important for a number of reasons, which I will outline in this article.

For one, English study can be incredibly expensive, so getting lessons for free is important.

Another reason is that it takes many, many hours of study to reach an advanced level of English ability, and if you live in Japan it is very difficult to achieve the number of hours of exposure to English you will need to improve.

The reason why people who live abroad become very good at English is exposure to hours of English everyday.

If your students are going to improve to an advanced level, but continue to live in Japan, somehow they must replicate the number of hours of English contact time.

Indeed free English lessons online can help in this respect!

But where to get Online English Lessons?

You Tube
Has many free online English lessons!

Learning English
Offers all kinds of free online English lessons!

CANADA-ESL Has Online free English lessons.

"For toddlers, learning one language is no more difficult than learning another...Even if the child doesn't continue in the language, learning so young clearly stimulates brain activity."

-Francois Thibaut, Founder of The Language Workshop for Children and a pioneer specialist in Early Childhood Education

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