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Some great classes for your students!

Kevin`s English Schools

Offers lessons and advice for Japanese students studying English on this page.

Q & A and English FAQ
English lessons and advice, explained in Japanese, all free.


Is a huge site with many things including free online ESL games.

Although it is not specifically for ESL activities Kaboose has a lot of activities that English teachers can use with children- junior high. They have online games, print outs for holidays, craft projects, online photo albums (which might be a nice project for some of your students).

All in all, a great site to check out for activities and ideas in spite of the fact that it is a more general site than most of the sites we recommend at How to Teach English in Japan.

Professional Secretarial Services

Offers free advice and examples of how to write various business related correspondence in English.

They say: "Interested in career issues, writing a letter, resume or meeting minutes? Or do you need to organize travel or make a translation? Information, tips examples and much more make it easy to achieve your goal, whether you are a professional secretary, a manager, or just a

private person."

Offers many English lessons for ESL/EFL students. Some examples are: Modals, Gerunds, Vocabulary and more.

English Lessons at Englishpage

Visit our free english page too!

English Online

Has free online video courses from children to advanced adults. You can test your English too. Beginners English to Advanced

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Talk English

Focuses on spoken English. Their goal is to help you gain the ability to speak English fluently and best of all, it is completely free! Practice speaking English

Helping you Learn English

Helping you learn English is a site put together by a Canadian teacher living in Spain. She has a lot of advice and English lessons for your students. Well worth recommending to students and other teachers.

Visit helping you learn English

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Go to Free English Course

Check out some free English tests

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