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Free English Tests -- Word Engine in my opinion and that of a friend is simply the best online test you can take to measure your English. Yes it is better than TOEIC and better than TOEFL and all the rest. Plus it is free!

Why is it better? Because it precisely measures where you are weak in terms of vocabulary. What a fantastic thing it would be for me to know which vocabulary I need to learn for Japanese, but alas it is only available for English learners. You can learn which vocabulary you need to study to move on to the next level of English.

For me, I have to guess what I should study (in Japanese). Word Engine will tell you for free! Find out what vocabulary you are missing for free now.

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Cheating can be a big problem at some schools. offers cheat-proof English Grammar test worksheets for your children or students. No supervision and manual marking needed. You can get a free sample. Not having to mark the tests will greatly free up a teacher`s time.

No Love of Testing Here

I don`t love tests nor testing myself, yet that said, it does allow you and your students to gauge their progress. And that is how free tests should be used I suggest--as a gage of progress.

English tests should not make a student feel badly about their English. Tests can have a demotivating effect if that happens. So let`s not let that happen. Encourage your students to learn what their weak points in English are, be it: grammar, listening, speaking, writing, or reading. Then strive to improve on their weak points.

Getting down about a test result has never helped anyone.

In some of the textbooks you may use, the teacher`s book often has free tests that cover the textbook. The 50/50 series is one such text. The tests are well done and cover the material successfully.

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Here are some great sites that offer free English tests:

Is all about English tests!

Easy English
Has many free English tests for beginners and above.

Test Your
Has tests for your students and more.

English Learner
Is all about learning English and has tests too!

English Jet
Has free courses and tests.

You can test your listening ability for free at this excellent site run by a friend of a friend. Todd has put in a lot of work at Elllo. iKnow-Smart.FM offers free English classes. You can even add your own course. They also offer Japanese and other languages. All for free! I love the internet! Test your English at this fun and interesting site.

Interchange Companion to the TOEIC Test Website

This is free for students and teachers to use. They have TOEIC vocabulary word lists with Japanese translations. for each level of the Interchange series.

Also, there are test by test word lists, and full book word lists.

You can help your students prepare for the TOEIC test by having them practice the TOEIC style questions of the site.

Help your students prepare for the TOEIC test

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