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Some great Free Spelling Games Online to help you teach English in Japan!

Education is indeed a big part of our lives. It is therefore fair that we make it fun and interesting. But how?

Can games and learning go hand in hand? The answer is a big YES! In fact educational psychology acknowledges the importance of games in the learning process.

by Lyanne Smith

Since many acknowledge that games are essential for effective learning, educational games are now everywhere. The internet can lead you to numerous websites that offer educational games and in this article will be a list of great online spelling games.

Great online spelling games:

Spelling Games

This site contains 24 effective and exciting spelling games that will help students enhance their spelling skills. More amazing is you can play with friends in this website since it has multiplayer games.


Living up to its name, Funbrain offers a fun spell and check, spelling game. The site has a leader board where the player with a perfect score can put his name for other players and site visitors to see.

Spelling Bee

A great site wherein one can experience the excitement one gets when in a real spelling bee contest. The words here are pretty difficult but at the same time the game is a very effective means of improving your spelling skills. Not to mention the player gets to choose an avatar to play with.

Spin and Spell

Spin and Spell offers a creative game to enhance not only your spelling skills but likewise your vocabulary skills too. The player can play by herself or with a friend. A very good game for young learners.

Spelling Match

Spelling match is especially designed to enhance memory, vocabulary and spelling. A great online spelling game, it is!

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