Finding and Using Free Spelling Worksheets

Finding and Using Free Spelling Worksheets, - where to find them? Why they help our students?

by Sandra Johnson

Spelling is very difficult for some children and adults, and spelling worksheets can help drill difficult spelling words into their minds. However, you have to know where to find them and how to use them properly.

Unfortunately, probably the best way to learn spelling is through rote practice, and these worksheets are designed especially for that purpose. I`ve never been a fan of rote memorization; however spelling worksheets, spelling bees, and spelling games, help to make this learning fun!

How to Find Free Spelling Worksheets?

If you want your students to learn spelling the easy way, the first step is to find these spelling worksheets (see our recommended list at the bottom of this page). These worksheets are available all around the web, and finding websites that offer them is fairly easy. However, finding the right spelling worksheet can be another matter altogether.

For example, if the problem area is silent letters, homophones or high frequency words, you will likely find many examples of free spelling worksheets to use. However, if the problem is in one particular area or with particular words, you may have more trouble finding the right worksheets.

Making your Own Worksheets

Some websites allow you to create your own spelling worksheets. This is a free service! You simply put in the words that you need to practice and the website creates a worksheet for you in a matter of seconds. Another option is to search for free software that allows you to make your own spelling worksheets. These websites and software are available all over the web. You should, however, make sure that you run a virus scan on any free software you choose to download for your own protection.

Different Types of Spelling Worksheets

Free spelling worksheets can be anything from vocabulary practice to crossword puzzles.

Whatever the style of the worksheet, it should force you to spell the word. Some worksheets will give you the words to put into blanks (close activity), and you can look at the word list for assistance in spelling them if necessary.

Others do not provide a word list, and will truly test how well you are doing. The purpose of the worksheets is rote practice, which is the only proven way to learn how to spell difficult words. By practicing over and over again, you will be able to eventually memorize how the word is spelled.

Who Should Use Spelling Worksheets

These free spelling worksheets can be used by any number of individuals. Teachers can use them to supplement their curriculum when students prove to have difficulty in spelling homophones, words with silent letters, and high frequency words. Homeschooling parents can also use these worksheets as a part of their curriculum. Additionally, high school and college students can use the worksheets on their own as additional study material to help them write better papers.

When using spelling worksheets, it is important that you actually learn to spell the words correctly. Looking up the words to complete the worksheets will do you little good. Any words that you get wrong or have trouble with should be studied and written many times in order to press the word into your memory.

Some Recommended Sites offering Free Spelling Worksheets

TLS Books

Offers spelling worksheets for 1st grade to 5th grade and they are all free! You can find worksheets to complement your curriculum. They have hundreds of spelling worksheets as well as other worksheets for teachers. Visit TLS Books


Is a great site made by a family in America. They offer great worksheets of all kinds for teachers and include some very good spelling worksheets.

Your Dictionary

Has a whole compendium of sites that offer Free spelling printables. So be sure to check them out! See their list ofFree Spelling Printables.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Is a very colorful site and offers spelling worksheets for elementary school students, that would also be suitable in ESL/EFL classes. Visit Super Teacher Worksheets for Spelling

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