Free Vocabulary Builder

Help your students build up their vocabulary with a free vocabulary builder.

Interlex is a free Windows application that will help you learn vocabulary from many different foreign languages including English.

Unfortunately you cannot use it with Japanese and English at the moment, but can create bilingual vocabulary word lists for many different languages, for example English and Icelandic or Ukranian, or Romanian and English.

English learners can create word lists of literary passages, newspaper articles and other word lists--ie) grammatical forms that are difficult for them.

By using Interlex for 20 minutes per day, students can see dramatic improvement in their English knowledge.

Thank you Cambridge!

The Cambridge Advanced Learner`s Dictionary is available for free online. Learning the words will of course build up your vocabulary. Read the Cambridge Online Dictionaries.

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Suresan Melanaturu, supplied a very good vocab builder to the UnivSource website. There are a few thousand words listed and these are the words that often appear on the SAT,GRE and GMAT tests.

Hopefully this site will help your students to be able to actually use the word in their writing or conversations. See the UnivSource Vocab Builder.