Free Vocabulary Test

Finding and Using a Free Vocabulary Test

by Sandra Johnson

A vocabulary test can really help you figure out where you are in your vocabulary lessons; whether you are self-taught or being tutored by someone else. However, you need to know how to first find the tests in order to use them. You then need to fully understand how best to use the tests to help you further your education in English vocabulary. This piece will teach you how to do both of these things.

(Pictured above, Anne Frank, in 2014 it was discovered that many of her books in libraries all over Japan had been vandalized)

Finding a Free Vocabulary Test

There are really two types of free vocabulary tests. The first type is the kind you will find all over the web. These are printable just like worksheets, but they don’t have any of the vocabulary words on them. Instead, they are crosswords or fill in the blanks where you have to come up with the word from the top of your head—there is no word list.

Generally these tests will come with an answer key that is also printable. Remember that if you are self-testing you might want to print off the answer sheet after you take the test so that you cannot see any of the answers before hand.

The other type of free test is an online test. These are few and far between, but can be found. These tests are generally with multiple choice questions or require you to fill in the blanks; they can be taken just like you would take a test in school. Your score is calculated when you are finished, and you don’t have to worry about grading at all. These are better for students who are self-teaching vocabulary, although they can be quite useful for homeschooling parents as well.

Using a Vocabulary Test

When you take a free vocabulary test you want to make sure that it is working to your benefit as much as possible. This means that you do not want to just take the test and run away. If you get everything on the test right, then great. But if you miss even just one answer, you should study all the words you missed and take another test in the future.

The best way to study missed vocabulary words is by rote-memory in context. Group vocabulary words in similar categories ie) African animals, or things found in the kitchen.

A common way of doing this is to fold a piece of paper in half the long way. Write your words on one side and their definitions on the other side. This way you can self-test yourself on the words again and again, drilling that vocabulary lesson into your brain for all eternity.

Teachers Using These Tests

Teachers can also use these free vocabulary tests as a way to check the learning level of their students.

Just because a student is in high school or college does not mean that they have the vocabulary skills necessary to be successful at that level of education. If the tests come out with negative results, you can work vocabulary into your lessons or talk to students about taking a vocabulary or reading comprehension course.

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