GALE is holding a Harassment Workshop

(Kyoto, Japan)

GALE is holding a Harassment Workshop this weekend in Kyoto. Harassment comes in many shapes and forms and is difficult to identify and difficult to combat. Please come if you have time.

Harassment Workshop: Fighting Back
This workshop aims to create awareness about the different forms of harassment people may suffer from during their working lives. The main types of harassment I intend to cover are, sexual harassment, academic harassment, power harassment, and mobbing. Often people who experience harassment are failed by the very systems and policies put into place for our protection. I will teach those of us living in Japan how to negotiate workplace harassment policies and systems as well introduce participants to essential survival strategies for dealing with harassing behaviour at work. I will also introduce participants to networks set up throughout Japan which are exclusively designed to support people experiencing harassment as well as giving advice on various counselling services available if needed.
The first step to combating harassment is to break the silence and confide in someone you trust therefore I hope this workshop will give people the confidence required to speak up and speak out against harassing behaviour in their workplace.
To get to Kyoto Institute of Technology (KIT), take the train headed for Kokusai Kaikan on the Karasuma Subway Line to Matsugasaki Station. From Matsugasaki Station to KIT is a short walk, about 8 minutes. Come out of Exit 1 and turn right. You’ll see a set of traffic lights just as you come out of Exit 1, that is the first set. Walk to the third set of traffic lights, you’ll see a big block of flats painted cream, red, blue and yellow behind a rice field on the corner, turn right there. Keep going down that road and the main entrance is on the right hand side. You’ll see a big rainbow pole on the left hand side.
We will be in Building 1, Room 0112, which is marked as number 2 on the campus map. It is right next to the main entrance on the West campus. Here is a link to the campus map.
We will open the doors at 10 o’clock and start at 10.30, and finish at 12.30 after which everyone is welcome to join us for lunch.

If anyone has any questions please contact us at:

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