GEOS Language Corporation

GEOS English School owned by G. Communications

Geos Language Corporation went bankrupt but was promptly bought up by G. Communications, the company that bought Nova English School after it went bankrupt. Like the case of buying Nova, G. Communications closed many of the GEOS schools (99 according to news reports), but kept the rest open.

Hopefully G. Communications will do a much better job of running GEOS than the previous management team did.

A friend of mine enjoyed teaching for GEOS. He enjoyed having his own class and felt it was a good school to teach for.

(Pictured: Oboke by Devanshe Chauhan)

Others have complained about various facets of the GEOS way.

GEOS has about 400 schools in Japan and over 50 worldwide, so you may be able to teach around the world with them, which would be interesting.

"In line with this mission, we offer outgoing, flexible, ambitious individuals holding a bachelor's degree - in any discipline (Note that this is a minimum requirement.)-exciting opportunities to teach English Conversation in Japan, on a one-year renewable contract basis.

GEOS provides - or arranges for - everything you need to be comfortable and confident during your stay in Japan. With strong potential for professional advancement, these entry-level positions are excellent stepping stones to a wide range of international careers within our organization worldwide."

--from the GEOS homepage

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