GET Teacher and Web Reporter

by S. Anderson
(Connecticut, USA)

I've had the privilege of traveling with Peace Boat around the world twice. Each trip was amazing and truly life-changing.
Most people are attracted to the idea of visiting so many amazing places, and that is definitely a big plus. Every day we stepped off the ship was a new adventure in a new world, and yet with the ship always just around the corner you feel like each port is just an extension of the home you've made on board.
However, for me and many other volunteers the true magic of Peace Boat is the community on board. Between my teammates, the passengers, and the incredible guest speakers, the people I met and the experiences I had on the ship were like nothing I could have imagined. I played ping pong with Ela Gandhi, sang outside under the stars with Peter Yarrow, danced all night with a Venezuelan orchestra...I could go on and on.
It's hard to describe all that Peace Boat is...better to experience it for yourself!

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