Grammar for Kids

English Grammar for Kids

by Aarti Thomas

It is not that easy teaching English grammar for kids as it has many nuances the child has to learn, and the kids find learning all these rules rather boring. So here are some tips to help you teach kids English grammar.

1. You can make your students learn to properly use English grammar only if you yourself are a role model to them. As a teacher you thus have to make it a point to use proper grammar in your speech and writing, and don’t make mistakes in subject-verb agreement. This way, students learn how to implement grammar in their speech and writing, and thus, develop grammar rules on their own.

2. Make students read as much as possible; reading is the beat way for anyone to master English grammar.

3. Teach grammar rules systematically. Don’t furnish too much information at a time; instead, focus on a particular rule or skill by first introducing the rule and then giving examples of its usage. Once the students master one skill or rule, only then can you move onto another topic.

4. Give your students hands-on experience in learning grammar rules by giving them lots of opportunities to write. You then have to give them your feedback, while taking the student’s writing level into consideration. So don’t mark every mistake in red pen for second graders as it is discouraging; its better giving feedback concentrating on the grammar rules you’d just taught.

5. Let students edit others’ work. Usually while checking their own writing, kids tend to miss grammatical errors as they know what they were actually trying to project through their writing.

It’s better to have children exchange and check each others’ work, so that they can identify mistakes in others’ writing. Moreover, by editing worksheets, students get opportunities to apply all the grammar rules they had learnt so far.

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