Grammar Lesson Plans

Grammar Lesson Plans

8. EFL Teacher: Be knowledgeable about the learners' culture.

In monolingual classrooms the learners' culture can be a valuable tool for teaching.

by David Martin

9. EFL Teacher: Don't assume that your class textbook has the language that your students need or want to learn.

Most textbooks follow the same tired, boring pattern and include the same major functions, grammar and vocabulary. The main reason for this is not scientific at all--it is the publisher's unwillingness to take a risk by publishing something new. Also, by trying to please all teachers publishers force authors to water down their materials to the extent of being unnatural at times. It is the teacher's responsibility to add any extra necessary vocabulary, functions, grammar, or topics that you feel the students may want or need.

10. EFL Teacher: Don't assume (falsely) that the class textbook will work.

Some activities in EFL textbooks fall apart completely in real classroom usage. It is hard to believe that some of them have actually been piloted. Many activities must be modified to make them work, and some have to be scrapped completely.

11. EFL Teacher: Choose your class textbooks very carefully.

Most teachers and students are dissatisfied with textbooks currently available. Nevertheless, it is essential that you choose a textbook that is truly communicative and meets the needs of your students.

12. Don't neglect useful vocabulary teaching.

The building blocks of language are not grammar and functions. The most essential thing students need to learn is vocabulary; without vocabulary you have no words to form syntax, no words to pronounce. Help your students to become vocabulary hungry.

13. Proceed from more controlled activities to less controlled ones.

Not always, but in general, present and practice more structured activities before freer, more open ones.

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