Grammar Practice

How can we help our students improve their grammar? Through grammar practice. But how do we do this? There are manyways.

First off however, perhaps we need to identify the kinds of mistakes our students make, and of course point out to them some of the important grammar rules they will encounter.


"Good morning, Samco!” wishes the interviewer. Samco sat there very nervous, thinking about what kind of questions are going to be asked. Samco did not know proper English, resulting in the sweating of his palms.

"Tell me about yourself.” says the interviewer.

" Samco. in ABC college and I go to the second year.” says Samco on his first ever interview.


Committing grammatical errors is quite common even among people who are native English speakers. Again, there are many who have excellent vocabulary but fail to reproduce the same in a flawless, rather error-free sentence. Let us take a look at the most common grammar mistakes that are committed many a times. The word “GRAMMAR” is often mis-spelt as “GRAMMER”. While we speak, these mistakes do not count, but when we write the words, such basic mistakes are unpardonable. What are some of the most common grammar mistakes?

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Free Grammar Check Online to Educate Children

Parents will do well to make smart use of the internet to help children extract more for their education. Do not make the mistake of encouraging kids to only use the web for educational assistance. You will never know when the children will start using the internet as a shortcut for copying material online as homework.

Proper English GrammarTeaching Returnees in Japan - Some of the Problems you may Encounter

Ensuring Proper English Grammar – An Unending Task for Parents and Teachers

Teaching returnees to Japan, those students who have lived abroad is not easy. They think they know how to speak English.However, they have picked up many bad habits on the whole, and most have not fully learned English, then they return to Japanbut think they know it all. They usually don`t.

As the parent or teacher, you may feel that your attempt to help the students learn proper English grammar is of no use and is just a waste of time.

About Story Grammar for ESL Students

It can be argued that grammar is better understood if the words are individually understood. A story is a narrative and written discourse. While grammar is the "study" part of English which determines how different words come together to form sentences.

In terms of the grammar of stories, - grammar means language elements.

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