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Grammar Songs - The CD, "Let's Take A Walk" by ELF Learning

Eric Kane and friends have released a children`s CD for the EFL/ESL classroom. He muses it is probably not what you are thinking:

"The songs are all original and have full arrangements and real instruments (for the most part). It's a mix of songs for very young learners through much older students (late elementary school)."

-Kane wrote by Email.

I just listened to the whole CD and it is a very pleasant listen.The music is very well done, and will be pleasant to listen to in the classroom, in your car or wherever. I could see parents of young English speaking children buying it, and of course EFL/ESL teachers for classroom use.

The songs often have a practical message such as cleaning up, and some reinforce English such as parts of the body, or phrases you will use in daily life. The included CD jacket has the lyrics for each song, plus they are planning more activities to go along with the CD at their website. (link below)

I would recommend it for parents interested in their children learning English, parents of young English speaking children and of course, for EFL/ESL teachers.

The CD has tracks for the very young to older students, pretty evenly split, though the youngest learners got a few extra. All the parts were sung by Eric Kane and another teacher, with drums, keyboards and such added later over the acoustic guitar.

Eric Kane of ELF Learning in Shiga, says:

"The whole thing was mixed and mastered by a very talented sound engineer in Europe, we we are fairly sure that the quality is as high as pretty much any live music product out there.

Readers can either download the CD at

Or you can order directly from us at:


orders at

Please include your shipping address and quantity.

The cost for the CD is ¥2,000 plus shipping and handling, but I'll change that to ¥1,700 for readers of the blog. Just make sure they include that in their contact details.

Also, if you like the music and think it would help your students and would like to make it available to them, I'm sure we can work out a discount that would benefit both of us. I'm a school owner as well."

Eric says his favorite classroom song from the CD is;

"This is ME fast," - Great dance for it!

I enjoyed all of the songs. They really are well done.

ELF Learning intends to slowly add content to their webpage (downloads, karaoke versions, etc.), so that should make some of the songs easier to use.

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