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Teaching English Grammar to students is a difficult task especially for those who learn it as a second or third language. It is important to teach them the basic grammar. Using Free Worksheets to teach or reinforce grammar is an excellent and more active approach to any English lesson plan. It helps students to learn their lessons in class.

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What steps can you take as a teacher to help your student master languages better? You can make use of the following ideas and solutions to help your student become good at English and other languages.

Provide a clear and concise framework of what the student is expected to achieve in a specific time frame. Simply put, make sure that the student understands the curriculum that he or she is intended to master. More often than not, students understand what the curriculum is intended to achieve only after they finish writing the exam and clear the year.

Printable English Grammar Lessons

Printable English Grammar Lessons how can they help your students?

But first, what exactly is grammar?

Scott Thornbury suggests, in "How to Teach Grammar:"

"Grammar is partly the study of what forms (or structures) are possible in a language. Traditionally, grammar has been concerned almost exclusively with analysis at the level of the sentence. Thus a grammar is a description of the rules that govern how a language`s sentences are formed." p. 1

I think the value in printed lessons that you either make yourself, find on the internet, or come from a workbook, is that they reinforce previously taught material. But how?

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I hated grammar as a child. How about you?

I think had it been taught in a more natural way, I might have enjoyed it more. That said though, I did discover (finally),a love of reading. Once children start to read, their grammar knowledge takes off I feel.

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