Halloween Party Games

What Halloween party games and activities have we done over 20 years at our schools?

Where do I begin?

"Halloween Party Games are some of the
activities the Kids Remember Best! If they live through them that is,....mu, ha! ha! ha! ha!"

Of course we have done all of the familiar ones:

Bobbing for Apples

Pin the tail on the witch

--make sure you spin the student around well, have their eyes well covered and pre-teach go left, go right, go straight, go forward, go back etc. Is a good basic English direction learning activity all by itself.

What would a Halloween party be without a haunted house right?

We play scary music and sounds from a CD player and the teachers hide (in scary costume) in the haunted house. We have done this in a small space--made a small haunted house using tables, chairs, and blankets. We have also used our whole Canadian, Victorian house and played haunted house hide and seek. Basicly it was find the monster in the house but don`t get caught.

Identify the Object:

We used a box and put different things in it and the students had to identify which Halloween icon it was. Wet, sticky spaghetti was witches hair for example. We used common objects in other words to symbolize a common Halloween icon.

Mummy Race

All of the kids were mummified! We wrapped them in toilet paper and had a monster race. Only their legs were not wrapped from the knee down so they couldn`t move so well.

Plus two or even three children were wrapped up together so they had to work as a team to move. This was very fun for everyone!

Trick or Treat?

Not having many houses to visit in Japan, we just gave out candy as they kids left, but they had to say, "trick or treat."

Halloween Coloring

Color the witch, the goblin, the monster etc.

Costume Contest

The students line up in their costumes and the teachers vote secretly for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Sometimes we just had the best boy`s costume and the best girl`s costume.

They get a special prize.

However be sure to give all the children something before they leave the party. We give them chocolate during the Trick or Treat activity mentioned above.

Halloween Party games are in evidence at one of my favorite websites: Kaboose. Kaboose is rich in ideas for all kinds of activities, some of which will help you in the classroom.

At Kaboose they have Creepy Coloring: You and the children can color in the Halloween pictures on your computer or print them out to color in the class or at home.

In Transylmania Your castle has been invaded and you must get rid of the humans turning them into the walking dead!

For many great free spooky printables

visit kaboose.

Squigly`s Games

They have action games, jigsaw puzzles, online colouring pictures, seek a word games, story builders and word guessing games that are great for ESL/EFL classes.

They also have picture matches, word scrambles and Scary creatures quizzes.

Your school Halloween Party will come to life with these online games.

The Kidz Page

Offers free online games, jigsaw puzzles, coloring pages, clip art, learning and more. They have a lot of fun Halloween "stuff," for the children in your classes to enjoy.

Check out the Kidz page.

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Genki English Comes through Again!

Genki English is one of my favorite sites for great activities for your English classes, and Genki comes through again with a variety of ghoulish activities. As well as some Halloween songs, they have picture cards, activities and more.

Many are free, but some are not. They offer some books for a price and some printables require a VIP membership. But as usual a lot is free at Genki.

Wow I even made it rhyme! I`m a poet and didn`t know it!

For some great Halloween Party games check out Genki`s Halloween ideas.

Coolest Free Printables

Need More Halloween Party Games? See Coolest Free Printables:

"All of the halloween printables were created by us over the years as free supplements to our idea-filled birthday, holiday and baby shower theme party idea sections on coolest-parties.com. ...

Printing out your own Halloween printables is an excellent option when you need a fast and fun activity for the kids and/or if you're throwing a Halloween party! By printing at home you'll also be saving a few bucks. Printer cartridges are often expensive, so make sure you follow these print-from-home guidelines to get the most out of your ink."

To Haley`s Headbands, great for Halloween!