Harajuku Fashion

by Kevin R Burns

Harajuku Fashion, what do the girls wear in Harajuku, Tokyo? Harajuku is a train station on Tokyo`s Yamanote Line.

This fashion actually consists of many street fashion styles:visual kei, gothic, lolita, decora, and cosplayers--people who dress up as characters from TV shows, anime and movies walk the streets of Harajuku every Sunday.

You can also see the Rockabilly street performers in Yoyogi Park and sometimesnext to Yoyogi Park along the main street next to Yoyogi Gym a huge stadium (used for the Tokyo Olympics).

Harajuku is famous for street fashion and this fashion is promoted in magazines. As well, major designers incorporate styles that originated in Harajuku.

Harajuku fashion is a mix of multiple styles to create a unique look.

You can shop for clothes in Harajuku. There are many shopping streets around the station,and of course most sell Harajuku clothes.

To get there: take the Yamanote line heading towards Shibuya from Shinjuku station.

The term "Harajuku Girls," sprung from the Western media, describing teenages dressed ina unique fashion style in Harajuku. From Harajuku fashion to Japan Clothing

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The Harajuku style "Kawaii," which means cute or pretty in Japanese, came to the fore in the 1990`s. Kawaii was very different from Japanese traditional style, so was said to be a form of subtle youth rebellion.

They cyber-punk look is influenced by gothic style and usesmetallic and neon colors.

"Ganguro is a style that symbolizes the average American teenager. The term translates to ‘black-faced’. The basic look is what Westerners would call a ‘California girl’, with bleached hair, dark skin, fake eyelashes and nails. No one really is sure how Ganguro came to be. Many assume it originated in the early 1990’s, when singer and performer Janet Jackson was popular."


Punk Style

Can be seen here and there all over Japan and especially Tokyo. Punks wear black or dark colors, chains and zippers are often silver, and sometimes they wear plaid or other dark colors instead of black. Their hair is often spiked or sticking up. Some sport a mohawk hair style.

Ura Hara

Is an area of Harajuku devoted to hip hop, graffiti and skater fashion. It is more reserved than Harajuku proper.

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