Hotel Bangkok Airport

Hotel Bangkok Airport the Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport is about 400 metres from Bangkok Subarnabuhmi Airport. It has a swimming pool, spa, four restaurants and two bars, plus a fitness center and a free airport shuttle.

Considering how close the hotel is to the airport the rooms are reasonably priced. Rooms start at 110 dollars US.


Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

999 Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

Moo 1 Nongprue Bang Phli




Tel (+66)2/1311111

Fax (+66)2/1311188


At this first class hotel they have meeting rooms, non-smoking rooms it is wheelchair accessible and they offer dry cleaning and laundry service too.

Transportation, Traffic & Pollution in Bangkok, Thailand

Hotel Bangkok Airport - Bangkok`s Suvarnabhumi Airport is linked to Bangkok by the Bangkok Airport Train. The trains run from 6AM to midnight. The trains leave to and from the airport every 15 minutes. Route Map

by Wayne Burns

It will probably be only minutes after leaving Bangkok`s Suvarnabhumi Airport in a limousine, taxi or by train that new arrivals will notice the least attractive feature of Bangkok - the traffic is simply unbelievable.

Visitors to Bangkok shoul realize that traffic congestion, especially around rush hours, can make any city trip and exercise in futility. So it is best to go by train whenever possible inBangkok. The sky train and the other lines provide excellent,clean and modern service. Avoid a car or bus whenever possible.

Early morning, late at night or Sundays are generally times of lighter vehicle traffic, but once again nothing can be predicted with any certainty. When in Tokyo, take the train. The same holds true for Bangkok.

Choosing a hotel for the most convenient location for your purpose is the first step to beating the traffic. So choosing a Hotel Bangkok Airport is a great idea. Don`t drive yourself in Bangkok, it is too dangerous and you are unfamiliar with the local driving habits. If a car is necessary get a car with a driver, as rates are pretty reasonable or get a taxi.

Walking is by no means a popular way of moving about in Bangkok, as conditions are simply too hot and humid. Pedestrians should be aware of the traffic flow and one-way lanes going in the opposite direction. It can be very confusing - and dangerous - to suddenly see a bus speeding against traffic in a one-way street. You should always remember that many drivers in Bangkok do not feel inclined to stop for pedestrians, not evenat zebra crossings. So it may become hazardous to cross a street in Bangkok.

Another hazard for the unwary stroller are motorcycles, which in order to escape having to wait in the heat and filth of an all too frequent traffic jam, simply move from the street onto the sidewalk, completely disregarding not only the comfort but also the safety of the many pedestrians. So you better carefully watch out for the myriads of roaring motorcycles.

When there is heavy traffic, there is air pollution. Bangkok`s air is anything but clean, and along major thoroughfares, with thousands of cars, trucks and fuming buses idling at intersections, it is downright filthy.

Late afternoon is particularly bad and walking along such roads is a definite health hazard. Avoid going anywhere at such times, but if you have to, go by train or air conditioned bus or taxi.

Water pollution is another problem in Bangkok, particularly in the canals and the river. Tap water, in general, is supposed to be safe for human consumption., but the all too frequent repairs to main supply lines or secondary pipes, often allow foreign matter to enter the supply system.

As for beach areas like Pattaya and Phuket, sanitation is a concern. Check with the hotel staff to be sure it is safe to swim in the area you are staying. Keep eyes open too, for pipes pumping filth into your local area, wherever you may be.

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