How to buy clothes that fit in Japan

by Kevin R Burns

How to buy clothes that fit in Japan

Yahoo Auction

Is more popular than eBay in Japan. You can find Japan clothingand many other items. Today I was looking at a foosball table on the site that was selling for only 1,500 Yen! The clothing at Yahoo Auction is already in Japan so you don`t have to pay much if anything on shipping either!

Indeed, Yahoo Auction is perhaps the most popular auction site in Japan for Japanese people.

You will need to navigate this site in Japanese.


Is a play on words of the English word "unique." This word is also a word in Japanese but pronounced in katakana.

Unikuro specializes in good quality clothing without designer labeling and without designer prices.

I`m a big guy back home too, and their clothes usually fit me.I probably take and XL back home or L size, and Unikuro clothes fit me.

I bought a pleather jacket (softo leather) in Japanese for about 75 dollars and it is great!

Unikuro has branches all over Japan.

GU Japan

Is the discount version of Unqlo. Uniqlo itself is very reasonably priced. But GU is even cheaper. However, with that cheaper price of course the quality is not as good.

You can check store locations to see if there are any in your area. You can register for the site if you make any online purchases. If you order more than 5,000 yen it's free delivery.

Japan Clothing - Fashion Centre Shimamura

Is another discount clothing store. Shimamura is a chain.

It is more along the lines of the Ross stores in America but it is a bit nicer inside. The prices are low and you can often get something in your size if you are not too huge!


Is a small chain in Japan. If you are lucky enough to finda store near you, they offer reasonably priced and good quality clothing. My ten year old daughter loves Goalway and so does my wife. They have a good selection of casual clothes for the whole family.

Eye Save Sunglasses

Need good sunglasses? Eye Save ships to Japan and comes recommended to boot for selling fashionable sunglasses.

"...this is the site where I've bought two of my sunglasses. They ship to Japan for a pretty reasonable price..." --a How to teach English in Japan Reader

Eye Save - Designer Brands in Japan

Virtually all of the designer brands you will know from back home you will find in the major cities of Japan, and of course online if you should want to shop on the internet.

Gap, Hillfiger, Abercrombie and Fich, J Crew, Banana Republic, Agnes B, Zara and others will be either sold in department stores, often with dedicated areas just for that brand or in their own stores in the Ginza and other areas of Tokyo, and in similar areas in the other large cities throughout the islands.

Abercrombie and Fich have branches in Tokyo including one in Ginza. Zara has branches throughout Tokyo and sells online too.

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