How to Cope with Jet Lag?

by Kevin R. Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

Teachers often come to Japan just before they start

a new job here or just before an interview - in order to maximize the income they make before they come.

So how can you cope with jet lag?

If you have a rich uncle fly business or 1st class!

Most of us don`t though. If you can somehow lie down
and sleep during your flight do so! It will really
refresh you. This is tough to do in economy class unless it is not crowded.


--get plenty of sleep the week before you fly

-eat well the week before you fly.

-Avoid alcohol during the flight and several days
before you fly.

-avoid caffeine and sugary drinks. Some juice is okay but try to drink water.

-drink plenty of water before you fly and during the flight

-eat lightly during the flight. Digestion takes a lot of work for you body.

-after arrival at your new destination try to stay up
until 7PM before going to bed if possible. (You can take
a short nap however if you cannot stay up until then).

-get out in the sun at the new destination as this will
help you body to adjust its internal time clock.

-some experts think that taking melatonin is good for
jet lag. You take it under your tongue before bedtime.

You can buy melatonin at health food stores and some
supermarkets. You can often find it at drug stores too.

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