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English schools in Japan have become more selective.TEFL qualifications are helpful and recommended, but a university degree is necessary. It is necessary for most schools and it is necessary for immigration. This is a requirement for a working visa.

How to get hired to teach English with some of the big schools?

Companies like Aeon, and GEOS recruit in the UK and North America. Some other very large English schools with branches throughout Japan are ECC, and Shane.

(Pictured, the students from a typical English class in Japan)

How to get hired to teach English - What you can do

There are many options for you in Japan. At Kevin`s English Schools we have taught at in-house programs for Fuji Photo Film, Fuji Kiki, Morohoshi Sangyo, GS Yuasa, and Kasei Optonix, and Mitsubishi Chemical.

There are many in-house programs you can be hired to teach for in steel, electronics or other companies like these above.

You can approach companies privately. Have a Japanese friend write up a blurb about your credentials in Japanese and mail some and go to the company and hand them to the secretary. If you happen to get it, company classes can be very lucrative. If you don`t at least you got a little exercise going to the post office or the company.

How to get hired to teach English - Options

You can also teach at English Schools, the JET Program, secondary schools, jukus or cram schools, conversation lounges where people come to have a coffee and speak English, universities, vocational schools, two year colleges, kindergartens, elementary schools, and even the Peace Boat.

Most likely I have left some options out. There are many choices out there.

For English schools, serious applications are welcome at any time of the year. Generally though they tend to hire in the Feb-April period of each year. Some schools do some hiring before September as well. Most contracts commence in April and finish the following March.

How to get hired to teach English - The Big Schools

The Big schools tend to do some hiring all year round. They need many teachers, and there is always some turnover. Relatives die or teachers need to go back home for some reason and the school needs a new teacher. Be sure to check our page on the BIG schools in Japan.

How to get hired to teach English - It is possible to be hired while in your home country?

Yes it is but it is more difficult.

You tend to be offered a lower salary than you would if you were applying in Japan. The company or school that hires you before you come to Japan, will arrange for your visa, training and accommodation. At Kevin`s we have often met new teachers at the airport and taken them directly to their apartment.

If you negotiate your hiring after arrival in Japan you stand to get a better salary. But most likely you will have to arrange your own accommodation here and other things. This can be daunting when you are new to a country like Japan.

You have to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of getting hired while abroad versus in Japan.

Certainly, many veteran teachers recommend saving your money and coming to Japan in March to apply for jobs in person. Of course you should send your resume, cover letter and photo to prospective schools before arrival. Be sure to give them a way to contact you that will still work while you are getting settled in Japan.

Once in country you should contact the schools you applied to, to see if they would like to interview you.

How to get hired to teach English - ECC

To get my job with ECC I simply walked into the school I was hoping to work for. I wore a suit and introduced myself to the manager. I think I made a good impression and after a further interview at the headquarters, I got the job.

"Slow precise diction together with a smart appearance and professional bearing are enough to impress some potential employers."

--Susan Griffith, Teaching English Abroad p. 422

But few I suggest. Get some qualificiations! Take an online TEFL course, and do some volunteer teaching before you come! You must have a university degree to get a good position as an English teacher here. A degree in any subject is okay.

How to get hired to teach English - Coming without Work?

If you are planning to arrive in Japan without employment be sure to bring a lot of yen--perhaps 300,000 or so. I took out a bank loan when I came. You can stay at a gaijin house (a very cheap, shared apartment/shared kitchen, bath and bathroom).

You can find gaijin houses listed in Tokyo`s "Metropolis" magazine and similar magazines for the major cities of Japan. You can also do a Yahoo or Google search for gaijin houses in the town you hope to work in. While in Japan, there are many internet cafes you can use to continue applying to, and researching places to stay or work.

You should do your best to find the positive and the negative about the prospective schools you are thinking of working for. Be sure to see our list of schools. I have donemy best to list only schools that I feel are good to great.But it is difficult to know everything about every school.

*Buyer Beware! I make no promises and no guaranties with ourlist of schools at this site. I simply say, I have done my best to help you.

You do not want to get yourself into a bad situation, one that may be difficult to extricate yourself from once you have signed a contract.

*Those contracts are legal documents! --in spite of what you might have read elsewhere. Contracts in Japan are the sameas in your home country. They are legally binding.

In general schools offer a basic salary of 250,000 Yen or more.

If the salary offered is less than that, I would steer clear of that school.

They may argue that certain areas are cheaper to live in. That may be the case. Yet that should also allow them to pay you more as their costs are less as well. So my advice is to stick with schools that offer 250,000 Yen or more per month. You are worth it!

*Don`t bother checking any forums about teaching English in Japan that allow anonymous posting. They are notoriously unreliable and you should never get your information from an internet forum.

Why not? There are internet trolls lurking there. Be very,very quiet!

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