How to Make Green Tea

by Kevin R Burns
(Kanagawa, Japan)

How to make Green Tea - one of Japan`s many gifts to the world.

I`ve been drinking Japanese green tea for over 20 years and it is very healthy!

Dr. Andrew Weil reports that it is a great source of catechins which are antioxidants that inhibit cancer.

Moreover there are more benefits of Green Tea:

* Lowers cholesterol levels and risk of heart disease

*Protects against some infections

*Promotes joint health and stronger bones

*Reduces inflammation

*Enhances the effects of antibiotics - even against "superbugs."

Probably the best way to enjoy green tea is by studying tea ceremony while you are in Japan. Then the drinking of green tea becomes much more, a meditation, as opposed to just a healthful drink.

It comes in many varieties so try some different kinds to find your favorite.
How to make Japanese Green Tea?

* Measure out 5 g of green tea leaves for every cup you want to make.

* Put the leaves in your tea strainer

* Put the strainer in your empty cup

* Pour the heated water into the cup and over the leaves.

* Leave the leaves for 2-3 minutes

* Allow the tea to cool a little and enjoy!

You might also enjoy more finely ground green tea called Matcha. It is pronounced: "macha." The `a` is a soft like a British pronunciation of octopus.

A student introduced me to matcha and I love it now!

At some of the schools, universities or businesses in Japan, the drink machines offer free green tea, or at least cheap green tea. I drink it for free at the university I teach at, four days a week.

When I go back to Canada, it is difficult to get drinks that are not either sugary, or artificially sweetened.

It is nice in Japan that there are many healthy drinks like green tea available and they are unsweetened.

This is probably another reason Japanese stay so slim.

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