How to teach Spelling and Help your Students

How to Teach Spelling and Help your Students Build a Correct Linguistic Foundation

by Sandra Johnson

As an English teacher, you know that reading, writing and spelling are three important parts of learning English. Reading can be easier and it can be absorbed by students rather fast, but on the other hand, writing and spelling implicitly can be a lot more difficult. You’ve probably observed the same students making the same mistakes with the same words or with the same type of words. To avoid these mistakes, you just need to apply some tricks and use a few tips that will help you learn everything there is to learn about how to teach spelling.

Teach Spelling - Planning Out Each Lesson

Knowing how to teach spelling is not a secret. Regardless of if you’re a teacher or just a parent, you need to have each and every lesson planned out thoroughly. You need to establish from the beginning what you want your student to learn during the lesson. All the time it’s advised to start off with easy and simple words and using an attractive and colorful layout, whether it’s a customized paper worksheet or simply the classroom or the room you use to teach in. This is mostly recommended for younger students, because for older students there need to be less or no distractions and the words you begin with should be harder. This way you will stimulate your students to start building the basics of their spelling foundation and learn difficult words in a short time period.

Teach Spelling Using Simple Steps

As a teacher you must understand that in order to learn how to spell, a student first needs to learn to read and pronounce the words they need to spell. For this you’ll have to include reading exercises in your lessons and help students learn basic phonetics that will help and make it easier for them to spell. Keep in mind that every part of your lesson needs to be creative and interesting for all students and in order to grab their attention you can use crosswords, decoding word games, missing letter games, word jumbles and other similar word games.

Teach Spelling with Free Spelling Worksheets

Spelling worksheets can be of great help for teachers and parents who are wondering how to teach spelling. There are many online websites that offer free English spelling worksheets that you can easily download and even customize. By customizing these worksheets you can focus on words that are more problematic for your kid or student. At in the Spelling category you can find numerous spelling worksheets in PDF format. These are for personal use only and anyone can download them in a matter of seconds, print them and use them at home or in school.

Teach Spelling by Customizing Worksheets

At they also have a Spelling category that allows you to create your own spelling worksheet by simply filling in a form.

These worksheets can also include pictures to make the spelling session more fun and interactive. By using the creative wizard available on this website, you can create worksheets that are designed for choosing the correct spelling, reading and choosing the right picture for the corresponding word, and reading and writing. If you pick the right worksheets that your students will enjoy, the job of how to teach spelling becomes a lot easier for yourself and less of a burden for your student or child.

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