Humor about life in Japan, you gotta have Wa, no that`s not it!

(School`s starting, contributed by a friend, Eric Surf 6)

You gotta be able to laugh at yourself and your life in Japan to live here for any length of time. And know a good shrink! Teaching English in Japan is a great gig, but we need a joke or two to get us by. We hope this section helps!

(Pictured: Rocker, submitted by Ian Griffin. Yes English teachers are needed in Japan!)

"Dog is very clevers animals. But the general pubic training dog is very difficult. Because the dog is self centredness at first. So training is very difficult." --a student

I bet!!!!

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Pictured: My favorite house in the whole world! (Picture by Kevin Burns, like don`t mean to brag eh, but come on it is a nice photo of Boozer House!)

Maybe I will win a prize, whaddya think? First prize for Boozer House?

Humor about Japan and uhm....gas

Gas is one of my favourite topics. I`m rather immature.I`m not talking about Tokyo Gas but gas of the human kind.Japan like Canada is full of gas that is why I have dubbed her: "The Land of the Rising Gas"

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Japan Comedy Quotes

It`s my Life and My Gas."

--An actual Tokyo Gas Company Quote.

"Remember, whatever doesn`t kill you, hurts;.....a lot!"

--Kevin Burns(whoever the heck he is?)

"Let`s enjoy beautiful communication life."

--Another actual quote from Japanese advertising

I guess that is why we are needed as English teachers.

Humor about our Students

I worry about my students sometimes, I mean....What if Mom was right!!...

What if my students REALLY are Zombies!?

Humor on Driving in Japan

Driving in any country foreign to your own is a challenge and driving in Japan is different from "home." Read our helpful driving guide so you too can drive just like a Japanese kamikaze! Driving in Japan, what your father never taught you!

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Humor about Shopping in Japan

I enjoy shopping at toy stores and hobby shops. But sometimes the store clerks take a strange interest in I figure,why don`t I join them! And you can too with this easy tofollow advice! You can be the Store Detective!

Comedy about life in Japan

I never imagined spending my life in a country where sometimes the seafood is so fresh it jumps on your plate, where the people drink an ethanol-like liquid you can run your car on called "sake," nor a country where "yes" sometimes means "no," and fashionable ladies can be seen sporting Mickey Mouse bags. Read more Comedy about Japan

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You`ve been in Japan too long when.....

All the short skirts of Japanese summer don`t phase you.

You take it in stride to see Japanese businessmen neatly vomiting to the side of the sidewalk then sleeping it off in their suits.

You know you have arrived then! You are now BIG in Japan! You`ve been in Japan too long when.....

If anyone asks: "So why did you come to Japan?"

Have fun with them and tell them something like this:

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Arnold of Kalifornia calls Aeon English School

Arnold prepares for life after politics by calling Aeon English School in Japan.

Arnold of Kalifornia calls Aeon hoping for a teaching job.

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