I want to teach English in Japan. Where do I start?

by Nilhan
(Colombo, Sri Lanka)

Hi, I have worked in the NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) sector for approximately 10 years and would like to take a break. The NGO sector is usually referred to as the Not For Profit sector, and while I enjoy my work in this field, I do feel the need for a change.

I am a native speaker of English. I say this because I think and dream in English :) Ok, so it may not be a dictionary definition, but I guess you understand what I mean. My Secondary Education, University Education, as well as my Post Graduate education was completely in English.

I have taught Information Technology, at the Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology to put myself through college - and I found it to be a rich experience. I also know some basic Japanese words and phrases and can identify many of the hiragana and katakana characters. I would be willing to learn more Japanese if needed.

I have read a lot about teaching English in Japan, and I look forward to the opportunity to do the same. I hope that writing this query to you will be the beginning of my new adventure! :)

Please reach me at nilhan@gmail.com

Warm wishes,


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Jan 26, 2011
Eminently Qualified
by: Kevin

Nilhan would be eminently qualified for teaching the Japan International Cooperation Agency's volunteers at their "training camp" IMHO. As far as I know it pays well and obviously the students are well motivated.


Posted by Brent at the Japan Living forum:


Jan 20, 2011
Can Sri Lankans teach in Japan?
by: Kevin Burns


I would spend a week reading the pages from our website here. That would be the first step.

I have a question for you:

How easy is it for a Sri Lankan to come to work in Japan? I have no idea.

How easy is it for Sri Lankan`s to study in Japan?
Would that be an option? From that, after study
could you get a job?

I have no idea how easy it is for Sri Lankans
to get a teaching position here. I suspect it is
difficult, as I don`t meet many Sri Lankan
teachers in Japan.

These are Questions to think about I guess.

I do know of Sri Lankans being hired by Japanese companies after graduating from Japanese universities. I don`t know any personally but I have heard of this--read of this in the newspaper.

Some do internships as well. As for teaching
I am not sure how you go about it from a Sri
Lankan point of view.

I know of many people from the Philippines teaching in Japan. How did they go about getting their jobs?

Care to tell us that? That would probably
help you to answer the questions you have here.

Sorry not the answer you were hoping for probably.


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