I'm able to teach in japan without a bachelor

First off sorry if I tend to ramble and thank you for your help. I'm 20 and i'm in the process of taking TEFL course to get the certificate and then the diploma. (here's the link to the site=www.teflcourse.net)

Before i was in cooking school and thents when i got a small taste of teaching, I helped a classmate, i taught something and it something that i couldn't do myself but i showed him and he learned and got right(teacher was busy with another student at the time) anyways he told me i was a good teacher, how calm and patient i was. So anyways was in love with Japan and everything about it. Sure it was the anime that got me hooked but when i went there on vacation i new this was where i want to live and i just need to experince more the culture and learn all there is to learn. I worked as a customer service agent while in high school, i'm fluent english(first language) and i speack french(second Language)well enough. i'm always a happy person and enjoy learning. I would love to teach in the country side, and so my question is will i be able to get a teaching job once i get my TEFL certificate in japan,in the country side even though i don't have a bachelor? Plus do know of any school in the country side that i would be able to apply to?

Thank you very much and sorry it took so long for the question.

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Nov 02, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Aug 25, 2010
What you need to teach in Japan?
by: Kevin Burns

If you are going to teach in Japan, you need a university degree. You cannot get a visa to
teach in Japan without that degree, and any reputable school will not hire you.

The Working Holiday Visa is not available for
Americans. The USA doesn`t have that kind of
exchange program.

If you are really anxious to get to Japan soon,
why not think about working in a hotel or
restaurant here. Get your degree via correspondence and study Japanese A LOT now!

Once you are here opportunities will open up,
and once you have your degree more opportunities
will open up.

I don`t think my advice above will be easy though!
Far from it! But if you are dying to come here
now, then I would suggest considering it.

You can of course study at a university here too.
There are even some courses in English--many in fact now.

Aug 20, 2010
Working without a degree
by: School owner

I'm think to receive a work permit (visa) for Japan you do indeed need to have graduated university.

There is though, depending on your country, a visa called 'working holiday' which allows young people to stay overseas and work (part time -20 hours a week) while holiday/learning etc... A lot of companies like this system, as it gives both the employer and the employee a little leave way. The only problem is if you are from the US it may not be available... Why not look into it though!

Good luck!

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