Imperial Palace

"The Imperial Palace, formerly Edo Castle, is still surrounded by its original innermost moat. Handsome gates and old guard towers are set at intervals around the grounds. The main entrance is approached by the elegant Nijubashi or Double Bridge and is open to the public on special occasions. The East Garden (Higashi Gyoen) is where the original donjon once stood. The garden is graced with flowers and blossoms..."

--Japan National Tourist Organization

*To get to there:

By train: Hibiya Stations of the Chiyoda, Mita and Hibiya subway lines, Nijubashimae Station of the Chiyoda line, Otemachi Station--Mita line, Tokyo Station-Marunouchi line, and Yurakucho station of the Yamonte and Keihin-Tohoku line.

If leaving from the TIC (Tokyo International Centre),turn left and go a couple of hundred metres to the moat that you will see to the right. Find the road that crosses the moat and this leads to a park.Crossing Nijubashi (Niju Bridge) allows you to see inside the palace grounds. Higashi Gyoen or East Garden is just a little north and is open until 3PM on most days. It is an attractive Japanese garden. A nice walk can be had by strolling along the moat. In the spring this is one of the most beautiful places in Japan, with the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

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