Improve Spelling

How to Improve Spelling in Five Easy Steps

by Sandra Johnson

The English language can prove to be more than challenging sometimes to both kids and grown-ups. Many people have wondered how to elevate their spelling level in a simple and easy manner. The truth is that you can work on your spelling a little bit every day. Moreover, if you want to improve both yours and your kids spelling, you can try to learn and improve your spelling together, one step at a time.

How to Improve Spelling – Step One

The first step is to get as many people involved as you can, whether it’s your kid’s school-buddy or your spouse. Keep in mind that someone close can be of great help when it comes to spelling. It can sometimes be frustrating, but a family member, even one who isn`t great at spelling, can help you. For example, you can ask them to read out words for you, as you record them. Then listen back to the words you’ve just recorded and try to spell each of them.

Step Two

Actually pronouncing words right can turn out to be a hard task and you’ll probably notice that many people around you don’t take the time to say words the right way. This can happen for example with ‘–ing’ verbs. It’s cool or easier for teens and adults to say ‘goin’ instead of ‘going’. Then, this can produce confusion, especially for kids who are trying to improve their spelling. Keep in mind that if a word is pronounced correctly, there is a far better chance for it to be spelled that way too.

So have your children and your students practice the correct pronunciation of words. This will help with their spelling.

(Pictured a C U T E
C A R by Ian Griffin)

How to Improve Spelling – Step Three

Sometimes you might feel like you’re stuck. Like you’re stuck on the same words-you make the same mistakes over and over again.

Well, for many people who have asked: how to improve spelling, spelling worksheets and lists were proven to be the answer.

You can find and download these online spelling lists and work on a short list of no more than 20 words per day.

Don’t waste too much time on a single list or worksheet; after a couple of days move on and just remember to use that list again in about two weeks and see if you get all the spelling right then.

Step Four - Playing Games

An important step, very simple and a fun one as well, is using word games as a tactic to improve your spelling.

Word games and puzzles are both fun and helpful if you want to improve your spelling. Moreover, with today’s advancement in technology, you’ll be able to play word games anytime. For example, if you have an iPhone, you can use games such as Words with Friends, that can be played for free and will improve your spelling.

How to Improve Spelling – Step Five

Use mnemonics. You can easily create your own mnemonics (phrases and rhymes that can help you memorize. Spelling mnemonics can be found online, but you can also come up with your own. Websites such as Fun with Words, offer great mnemonics for spelling, so go ahead and check it out.

Other Options:

You might want to try making spelling word cards as well. Make some cards with words that are difficult for you to spell. Be sure to mix up the cards sometimes, and try to get twenty in a row correct. When you do, put those cards away and start on a new group of twenty words. Every so often review the words you did previously.

Boardgames you might want to try:

Scrabble, Probe, Spill and Spell and others will help your spelling in a fun way.

Perhaps most importantly, you or your students should enjoy the journey. Learning to spell can be a challenge but it can be a fun one with some of the activities mentioned above.

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