Individual Nursing Poster Presentation

by Kevin Burns
(Machida, Japan)

Individual Nursing Poster Presentation

You will make a poster on A3 paper and do a presentation on some aspect of nursing.

For example: a famous nurse, nursing in Great Britain, nursing during the Edo Era, or your topic!

You will talk for 1-3 minutes in front of our class.

Important Presentation Points:
- Eye Contact /5
- Clear, loud voice /5
- Is it interesting? /5
- Did you teach us something? /5
- Total: 20 /20

*Draw pictures on your poster, or have photographs or graphs – anything that will help you to teach us!

Every student must have a different topic! Everyone cannot talk about Florence Nightingale for example.

The first student to write down their topic, gets that topic!

(In the future, you will need to make presentations, so this project is good practice.)

Perform Presentation on: ___________________________________________

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