Interac English School

Interac English School was founded in September, 1972, Interac Co Ltd is committed to providing excellence in the fields of school, business, language, and cross-cultural training. With a proven ability to attract talented people from around the world, Interac constantly strives to enhance its position as Japan's foremost language and management training organization.

Interac has a network of domestic branches and two overseas offices serving a client base of more than 4,000 organizations. Approximately 150 administrative staff are complemented by a rapidly-growing population of over 3,000 native-speaking Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) and corporate Language Consultants (LCs) for English and other languages.

Interac is Japan’s leading private provider of Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs). Our highly-motivated and qualified teachers serve thousands of schools and boards of education throughout every region of Japan, working with children from kindergarten through to high school.

Interac's corporate clients include top-tier firms such as Honda, the Hitachi Group, the Mitsubishi Group, and NEC. Interac also serves Japanese governmental organizations, including JICA, Japan's International Co-operation Agency.

Services offered

In addition to subcontracting Assistant Language Teachers to public and private schools, Interac offers a variety of services to its clients. These include:

1. Business English Classes for corporate clients, taught by Interac Language Consultants

2. Foreign Language Instruction (Including Chinese, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, French, and more)

3. Language Competence Assessments 4. Telephone Lessons and Level Assessments

5. Written Correspondence Courses

6. Written Test Materials Preparation

Further information regarding the services available to Interac clients can be found on Interac's Japanese homepage at

Interac English School - Recruiting activities

Each year we recruit between many hundred new and replacement Assistant Language Teachers. We recruit globally through our offices in North America and Europe as well as through our head office in Tokyo.

We target young men and woman who have usually just graduated university and are looking for their first job and/or overseas experience. The possession of a university degree and having had at least 12 years of their formal education delivered in English is a requirement to obtain the instructor visa in Japan.

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