interac vs aeon/amity vs getting certified

by scott
(california, ca)

I am interested in a career change from sales to teaching English in Japan.

Currently, I have a B.A. in Intercultural Studies and 2 years of international travel and business focused life experience. Due to not having a specific certification or teaching degree and lack of experience, I am applying to both Interac and Aeon/Amity. I understand the differences between being an ALT that is subcontracted out to various school boards and being an Eikaiwa.

My question is, would you recommend going with one of these companies over the other or getting my certification and going for one of the schools listed on your Green list (I didn't see either company on it).

I did read the information you have for both companies and found it very helpful, but I'm still trying to figure out which route would be the best for starting a new career.

Thanks for taking the time to give your feedback and opinions. Also, thank you again for gathering such useful knowledge together.

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Oct 25, 2012
Apply to both ALT Jobs
by: Mathew Klaus

At our Facebook Group, Matthew Klaus wrote:

"Apply to both ALT jobs. Also apply to the JET program. Then if you get an ALT gig work on your certification part-time through some online service. I believe that you can do the CELTA here in your own time. After getting the certification and some job experience you could apply for some of those green-list jobs. Good luck."

Oct 24, 2012
Aeon vs Interac
by: Kevin R Burns

Hi Scott,

Both Interac and Aeon/Amity are listed under Big schools at our site. True they are not on the Green list.

One reason for that is, I feel small schools tend to treat their employees better.

That said, there are some small schools that could be a nightmare to work for, so beware.

I have known people who enjoy both the schools you mention and have hated them as well.

Interac also sends teachers to companies I believe still. I think some teachers teach company classes. I could be wrong on that, so check with them.

I`m not sure what else to add except, I would get a certificate if you can. They always help.
Check on which certificates schools seem to want.
Celta is one that I hear of sometimes, but check what schools are asking for.

Also one of them requires extensive classroom teaching and they critique you on that. That sounds like the better program to me.

When I hire, I am impressed with anyone with extra training in how to teach English. It doesn`t matter so much which certificate to me.
Just the fact that a young person has taken the initiative and done that, shows initiative.

Recently someone was recommending one certificate over the other, but darned, I can remember which one it was.

Good luck with this. If you are thinking of jumping from sales to teaching in Japan, I think you will be happy with your decision. I too worked in sales before making the jump. Haven`t regretted it!


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